STM Goods Premium Accessories – STM Media Hub & STM Myth Backpack

STM Goods Premium Accessories - STM Media Hub & STM Myth Backpack

STM Goods, a premium accessories brand that offers digital gear. Currently, STM has two unique product lines, STM Goods and Element Case. These both product lines follow the core fundamentals of style, quality and innovation. STM goods have varieties of products available in the Indian market, but we decided to take a look at the STM Myth collection Backpack and the STM Media Type-C hub.

STM Media Type-c Hub

STM Media Type-c Hub

STM USB hub is an exciting product that gives any power-user more flexibility, although it was primarily aimed at newer MacBooks and notebooks with few ports. While few ports is a problem, there was another major issue that not all accessories use type-c. That’s why STM product can not only convert type-c to USB but also offer multiple ports including HDMI output, memory card reader and a type-c port. Means you are not losing any Type-C port; instead, you get additional ports with the STM Media hub. STM Media hub handles all usual accessories users have such as a mouse, keyboards, SD cards, Type-A charging ports and even a second monitor if the PC supports it. Best of all, all seven ports can be engaged at the same time over Type-C USB as it offers plenty of bandwidth. The STM Media hub can handle up to 4K playback while using other ports for data transfer.

Although it is aimed at MacBook owners with its sleek silver design, we found a real practical use for a desktop by freeing up two USB ports and making it easy to transfer images and data from our SD and micro-SD cards.

STM Myth Backpack


Everyone wants a premium design and multifunctional in nature; the STM Myth backpack aims to be your go-to everyday bag. Their backpack is an 18-litre extravaganza(there is 28-litre variant available) of smart packing, a ton of features and all-round stylish design that means you won’t look like an out-of-place backpacker. What’s more, is the durability of this one – it’s definitely got a premium material going on. It may seem simple, but it got all sort of feature in the STM – from secure packing solutions to being able to stash it on a plane as carry-on luggage. Simple and well done.

Overall, the STM Myth Backpack is compact and comfortable yet expandable, making it the perfect pack for short trips or weekend getaways.


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