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Humans Will Soon Be Hackable Animals

Hackable Humans

Humans will soon be hackable animals.
Hacking computer emails accounts, bank accounts etc.
But soon we will enter an era where we can hack humans.

What does it mean? It’s means that there will be an algorithm that will be created that will know you better than you know yourself. This means that it will predict your choice, manipulate your desires and make decisions on your behalf.
The algorithm obviously won’t know you perfectly, that won’t be possible. They will just know you a little better than you will know yourselves. Most of the times people don’t know themselves well enough.

I want to give my example over here. I’ve always been a creative person, I used to make cards, really fancy ones, for my friends and family, and I used to draw too and watch YouTube videos for it but somehow it never once occurred to me that I could actually take it up as a career and ended up studying BCom. 

And when I come to think about it, how did I miss it? I don’t have an answer to that. And it’s just not this. There are many people who don’t know themselves.

There are people who still don’t know their sexual orientation. I’ve heard of people knowing that they’re gay at the age of 40, and some not knowing whether they want to change their sex. 

Now imagine, an algorithm made which will tell a kid by studying the data and analyzing it, what exactly it’s feeling, and what exactly his preferences are.

I read that one of the ways to do this would be by just tracking eye movements. The computer would track eye movements while the person would surf the internet. 

Here, what will actually happen is that, say you see a picture of a good looking boy and a girl, the computer will try to analyse where your eyes go and linger. 

Now, you must be thinking what if I don’t give access to my computer to do this because I don’t want a third party telling me that I’m gay, then what? 

You still wouldn’t be able to escape from the big corporate companies, who are desperately wanting to market their product. Wherever you go, whether it’s on the internet or of it, the algorithm will secretly be monitoring you to service the government or big corporates. 

So what happens now is that maybe you don’t know you’re gay now, but big companies like Amazon will, and they’ll show you ads with men instead of ads with girls.

So, next time you want to buy something you  just end up choosing Amazon over Flipkart and you won’t even know why. But, they will.

 According to Yuval Harari, to hack a person you need just two things. You need a good understanding of Biology and Brain Science and good knowledge of Computing Power. Previously the knowledge in these two things were very limited, which now it is getting better as we speak. 

Once they start mastering this in the next few years, authorities will shift from humans to algorithms. And to think about it we are already trusting them. We trust Facebook to find friends for us and tell us what is new, we trust Google to tell us what’s true, we trust in Netflix to tell us what to watch and Amazon to tell us what to buy.

 Who know in the next 20-30 years these algorithms might tell us where to study, which career path to choose. Maybe even, whom to marry or even whom to vote for.

And as they keep becoming better, they’ll not just guide us but also replace us. Yes, truth really does hurt. But yes, our jobs are in danger.
A computer will first need to understand a human being completely, and will have to understand the behavior and human body thoroughly, and of course better will have to do it better than humans are doing it right now. 

But here’s the catch, they will probably be able to detect this better than a human can. 

Say, if a computer wants to know whether a person is in fear, anger, or depression, they will be able to because after all, all of those are biochemical phenomenon just like flu, diabetes etc. So if they can diagnose that, they can diagnose fear too. 

But as more, and more jobs start to be replaced, more and more jobs will emerge too.
Automation will keep happening, and it will just keep getting bigger.
Which means that to stay relevant with the technology existing, you will have to keep changing yourselves and reinvent yourself. It tough to reinvent, and even tougher to reinvent when you’ve become an adult who are settled in their lives. 

 Therefore, you’ll have to increase your emotional intelligence and mental balance. Because these are the things which will help you to deal with a hectic world, to keep learning, and to keep reinventing ourselves to keep up with the algorithms.


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