Exploration has just been enhanced – Introducing the Lexus J201 Concept!

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Yes, it’s true.

A supercharged 550-horsepower, lifted, fully-equipped LX-based concept vehicle is tastefully strewn upon your screen.

Named the Lexus J201 Concept, it is the plus-alpha iteration of the renowned four-wheel drive Lexus flagship. And elevated by the utmost level of omotenashi – culturally-attuned, anticipatory, Japanese hospitality – J201 is a bona fide instrument meticulously crafted to enable and embrace the most salient of retreats imaginable.

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The inspiration for the J201 idea is multifaceted. The global cohort of off-roading enthusiasts who adore their Lexus sport-utility vehicles is growing. Just as they influence others through their compelling social media and weekend gatherings, these enthusiasts and their passion for exploration and adventure have influenced the brand.

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Through such a lens of extraordinary passion and loyalty came the idea of J201. Its name is somewhat “insider-ish” and was chosen for that very reason. It is taken directly from the LX 570’s internal Lexus chassis and platform code, URJ201, which, to off-roaders around the world translates to “The Business”.

Born from a philosophy of cross-functional omotenashi, and assembled by overlanding experts, Expedition Overland, the J201 Concept anticipates the tasteful requirements and needs of the Experiential Adventurer.


J201’s thoughtfully curated collection of enhancements leverages Lexus’ foundational pillars – Brave Design, Imaginative Technology, Exhilarating Performance, and Omotenashi – to express a focused, yet functional, progressive means of mobility – pavement or not.

Lexus J20 Features - Exhibit Tech Magazine



Battling intense competition and grueling terrain are all in a rally day’s work for defending Rebelle Rally champions, Rachelle Croft and Taylor Pawley of The X Elles. For 2020, the two Lexus drivers are fielding J201 during the 10-day women’s event spanning over 2000 kilometers of challenging topography and climates throughout California and Nevada. With nothing but maps, compasses, and roadbooks, Rachelle and Taylor are putting J201 through the ultimate field test. 

How was that for a debut?


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