Meet the Captivating LC 500 CONVERTIBLE EDITION REGATTA: Unfortunately! All sold out


Lexus has created the Regatta Edition, an exclusive version of the model with a unique combination of colors, to display the beautiful design of the new LC 500 Convertible to its best effect. There’s a limited number of LC Convertible Regatta Edition heading to the UK and they’re all picked up by a select handful.

The deep blue of the bodywork and roof and white and blue of the interior evoke the ambience of a luxury marina, lined with ocean-going yachts – an image that was part of the original design inspiration for the car.

Lexus LC 500 - Tech Update Online

Image Courtesy: Lexus

The exterior is painted in Structural Blue, a Lexus color that was originally created for the LC Coupe to replicate the intense depth of tone seen in the natural world using advanced paint technologies. By using micro-particles in the paint, it reflects light in a way that emphasizes the curves in the bodywork and changes the perception of light and shade when viewed from various angles.

Lexus LC 500 - Car Update Online

Image Courtesy: Lexus

Aware of how the interior of a convertible is quite often open to view, Lexus’ designers have maintained a harmonious balance between the inside and outside of the car. The Regatta Version reflects this quality beautifully with its combination of dark blue and white. The instrument panel and door panels have contrasting deep blue upper and white lower sections, while the front seats are upholstered white perforated semi-aniline leather with blue highlights on the headrests, upper shoulder area, and grab handles.

Lexus LC 500 - Tech Magazine Online

Image Courtesy: Lexus

Mechanically it is the same as the standard LC convertible, with a 5.0-liter V8 nat-asp producing 471bhp and 398lb ft torque, and a 10-speed automatic gearbox controlling the rear wheels. It’s 100 kg heavier than the LC Coupe but Lexus promises it will still be enjoyable enough to drive due to advances in structure and suspension.

Lexus will open the first reservations for the latest LC 500 Convertible for UK buyers on Wednesday, August 5, at, until the first cars being delivered in the fall of 2020. Reservations may be initially placed for models equipped with a Sport+ Pack.


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