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Rakul Preet Singh Took Our June Cover And Made It Her Own | June 2020

Rakul preet singh
Haaaave you met our June cover star?
Rakul Preet Singh is a breath of fresh air in a world where breathing itself has become a risk. She is honest and truly candid about her life, emotions and opinions. We tapped into a side of Rakul that explored everything from business courses to spirituality. What’s more? She shared the details of how exactly this shoot went down and might we say – it wasn’t a cake walk.
With our June Cover, we mark our entry into the new world order. A technologically driven world which directly resonates with our DNA as a magazine. Honestly, it’s been exciting to imagine a future where technology will be a saviour to unite humans in a more intimate sense.
Keeping that spirit in mind, Motorola Razr (featured beautifully on our cover) is the symbol of a revolutionary, more sleek and space efficient fold technology. The future is here and we are thrilled to explore it in this issue. Here are a few things that could excite you to read more.


Not Everything Chinese Is A Virus

Wondering how far you can take #BoycottChina? We might be able to help you.

Tackling Mental Health Issues

In a world where people are realizing the importance of mental health, it’s important to know how to tackle the millennial mental health issues that come with it.

Moto Razr – A Throwback Done Right

Evolution is not restricted to homo sapiens, technology is gaining that momentum faster than ever. And smartphones? Well, they’ve already stolen the show.

How Big Is Alfa Romeo?

If you ever end up meeting a thoroughbred Italian who is an automobile enthusiast, there is no way that you don’t indulge with pride in talking about Alfa Romeo. But since your chances of meeting an Italian during a pandemic are less likely, here’s everything you need to know about its rich heritage.

Tech Up Your Sex Drive

A peek into how tech can help you spark up that sex drive that seems to have lost its way through the years. We know you want to keep reading!

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How Big Is Zoom?

You probably already have a clue, thanks to the new work from home norm. Here’s a brief success story of the app that has kept us functioning in these taxing times.

The Digital Detox Dare

In times like today, staying offline is nothing less than a luxury that most people can’t afford. But it has also become a necessity for internal maintenance. Are you willing to take this dare?

The Dark Side

All good things are always balanced with the darkest of secrets. And the internet? Oh boy, the dark web has unimaginable layers of everything that could go wrong.

The Crazy Camera World

When was the last time you took a picture? Earlier this day, if we’re not wrong. How and when did cameras become such an integral part of our lives? Let’s find out.

The Razor Sharp – Rakul Preet Singh
With Rakul Preet Singh as a part of our June issue, it was no less than a joy ride. Dive right in to see the fun, candid and spiritual side of her as we connected with her over a video call.
Etched In Our Memories
If there’s one person that truly did justice to being an actor, it was Irrfan Khan. Here’s a throwback to the time he was our cover star and left us with a sense of positivity, laughter and lessons for a lifetime.
The Experts Roundtable
With the lockdown, was born an idea of getting experts from across industries to discuss, analyze and prepare for the future post pandemic. This idea turned into a successful series – The Experts Roundtable. Check out the highlights for some great insight.

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