GoPro MAX: Gadget of the Month

GO-Pro Max

GoPro is well-known for making tough action cameras, and they did it again with the new GoPro MAX – an action camera which captures every possible angle with its dual wide-angle camera giving it a complete 360-degree view.

With social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube supporting 360-degree videos, having such a camera gives you more options. GoPro Max is not the first 360-degree camera by GoPro. A few years back, GoPro had a Fusion into the market. However, the Fusion was far to complex and frustrating to merge two halves of an image on the computer, means it was not user-friendly. The GoPro Max is the most significant improvement over its predecessor – GoPro Fusion. The new GoPro MAX is waterproof, and it doesn’t require any case. There is a mounting buckle that folds away if you don’t use it. The battery compartment is on the side, which also has one microSD card, and the MAX can be charged using the USB Type-C cable.

The main feature is a dual wide-angle lens on both sides that capture 360-degree images or video simultaneously, and all the stitching process is done in-camera itself. The camera has six microphones for better audio capture, which works great.

The real advantage of GoPro Max comes when you start shooting videos. This is where Max shows its true potential. The videos are recorded at 1440p 60 fps with a single lens and 5.6k 30 fps spherical clips. If you have used the GoPro action camera, then you won’t have any difficulty operating it. Once the 360-degree video is recorded, you can choose essential parts of the video called keyframes, and the app will automatically pan between those parts and create an MP4 video file. However, we cannot upload the full 360-degree video directly from a phone. You can also use it as a GoPro Hero8 Black by enabling only one lens. You can also switch the camera in selfie mode to start vlogging.

The current firmware has been the most significant strengths for GoPro, and it’s no exception with the GoPro Max. It got a new and smooth user interface, along with the touchscreen, makes it all the more convenient similar to what GoPro Hero8 Black does. The HyperSmooth and Warp mode is now at version 2.0, means it has been improved compared to its predecessor. In 360 mode, all clips are stabilized, and the footage looks like a shot with a Gimbal. All of this goodness is held together is in a rigid body which can take any bump without trouble. In case if you’re strong enough to still break the camera, with GoPro Plus subscription, the camera will be replaced without asking any questions, which makes the whole deal even more sweeter.


For those who want to capture 360-degree videos and action photos, GoPro Max is a perfect choice. Those crazy perspectives of a 360 world will bring a smile onto your face.

Shintu Dhang
Exploring the Techy side of Exhibit Magazine as Tech Editor. He specializes in smartphones, laptops and wearables, but loves to experiment with anything that comes across his desk. He has been writing about gadgets since the last 7 years. He is always on the hunt for new gadgets and loves to rip things apart to see how they work.

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