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Roav Dashcam A0 By Anker: Review Value For Money Dashcam


Dashcams have now become a necessity in today’s world of driving. Every year there is an increase in road accident statistics. But not every vehicle owner thinks that dashcams are necessary. This is majorly due to the fact that dashcams are sold at a premium price, therefore, many tend to skip this important gadget in your car. We reviewed an entry-level dashcam that is easy on the pocket and does the job well without any hassle.

Inside the Box?
You get a Roav DashCam A0, 1-Port Car Charger, Suction Mount, Micro USB cable, User Manual, and an 8GB SD card.

How Does it Work?
– Find a suitable place to mount on your car’s windshield.
– Connect the micro USB cable attached to the DashCam with the car charger and then plug it in your vehicle’s car charging port or cigarette lighter port.
– Switch on your vehicle’s ignition and it will automatically start recording.

These three simple steps and your footage will start recording. Well, covering the important features on the DashCam, and some of them can be set up by using the Roav app available on Google Play and App Store:

  • During an emergency situation, you can press the ‘O’ button on the DashCam to start your emergency recording which cannot be overwritten by the software, unless you delete the footage.
  • After switching the ignition off on your vehicle, the Dashcam records for 10 seconds.
  • You can overwrite footage, and this DashCam does it automatically.
  • It has G-sensor which detects a collision and instantly starts recording for 10 seconds, even when your car is not switched on.
  • By using the Roav application you can transfer the recorded footage on your smartphone with the help of in-built WiFi. For a 5 minute 1080p, 30fps clip, it will take around 4 to 7 minutes. And a file size around 500MBs.

In daylight, it was difficult to spot number plates on Rickshaw drivers, and at max, you could notice the number plates of the vehicle only if they were not more than 5 to 8 metres in length. Otherwise, the display quality of the videos recorded in their highest quality setting is decent. It is not recommended to record footage in 720p settings as the video quality deteriorates but helps you save up on your memory card space. The recorded footage is a bit too sharp and surely needs a firmware update to fix this. You can even choose to mute the microphone, however, the audio recorded is quite clear. The video is not shaky and stays stable on bumpy roads and potholes. Under low light, the video quality is surprisingly better at par with high-end action cameras.

If this is your first time buying any dash camera for your vehicle then without a doubt this should be in your list. It can withstand a hot summer day, will capture a good 170-degree angle on a rainy day, and is a dependable option for your night drives. The DashCam A0 is definitely worth investing your money in, the only downside would be its 12-month warranty. A year extra on the warranty would have surely been tempting.

Saurabh Gamare
A strict disciplinarian, car enthusiast and a gentleman. Saurabh has discovered an undying love for his daily driver and refuses to leave her ever. Apart from reviewing cars, he is also a sucker for Formula One. His one dream is to experience the Italian GP along with the Tifosis from the main grandstand. Despite being a health freak, he is often spotted gorging into sandwiches and pizzas!

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