The Experts Summit – A Peek Into The Uncertain Future

The Experts Summit

The lockdown along with its extension is trying its best to bring us down. But with that, it is also an opportunity to grow, take advantage of the abundance of knowledge, learn everyday and join conversations that can be a part of the bigger picture. 

With that intention at its core, Exhibit and BBC TopGear India bring to you The Experts Summit – an entire’s day affair where we will explore uncharted paths with leading brands and dignitaries.

With the world ready to unlock soon, this summit will hold important discussions that need to be talked about before beginning our work life in the ‘new normal’.

The Experts Summit

15th May 2020 | 10:30AM – 6:00PM

The 6 tracks scheduled for the Summit are:

What Lies Ahead – The Tech Industry
Needless to say, technology is going to play a huge role in what’s coming next. How and to what extent? We’ll let the experts talk.
The Ride Ahead
What we need right now is the clarity of what’s riding ahead of us. Stalwarts of the two-wheeler industry will be part of a panel discussion to give us just that.
The Future of Startups and Investing: The VC Edition
The struggle of startups just got harder and the world is witnessing it. Renowned VCs are on board with us to discuss how startups and entrepreneurs can bounce back after the pandemic subsides.
The Changing Marketing Dynamics
Be a part of a new world order – especially when it comes to a businesses’ key tool – marketing. Experts from the field will talk about how the dynamics are going to transform in the coming times.
The Drive Ahead
The automotive industry is already on the move for the next phase. Get a peek into their business strategies, priorities and plans post lockdown.

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The Influencers’ Edition – Content Creation and Influencer Marketing
A panel of your favorite influencers talking about the impact on content creation and the future of influencer marketing.

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The panels will be announced soon! Till then, you can sign up for any session that interests you here; 


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