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A New Tomorrow

Back to square one. This time last year, things were pretty much the same. We were in lockdown, confused, and the fear of the unknown. This year, we know how to deal with Covid and know somewhere there are vaccines, but still, uncertainty looms large on us. It’s been almost a year since we have attended any tech launches. Automobile brands have no choice, and they have also been forthcoming.

We have seen the whole house attending almost whenever a launch invite hits our mailboxes, be it the Hyundai Alcazar at Alila fort or the VW Taigun in Goa, the Renault Kyger, or the Mercedes A-class. I really can’t wait to meet folks from the tech industry at a banquet hall or on top of a fort or a boat. Face to Face meets is what the craving is for.

Uncertainty breeds chaos and challenges the status quo. This is why we are seeing a colossal jump in Bitcoin pricing to reach its current price of Rs 46 lakh. It’s mind-boggling to see the opportunity lost, and tech entrepreneurs, including Musk, have been investing rather openly in it. Most tech entrepreneurs have this resulting fire to change the world, challenge everything, and don’t want to hand control currencies into the hands of the government. There are massive pros and cons of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and we can quickly write a book about it, but we can’t ignore it either. Ether is another crypto on a meteoric rise, and we have gone down to a miniature crash course to mine it, just in case, it tickles your brain somewhere.

It is impossible to decode the future of the world. Electric cars and lithium batteries leave an enormous carbon footprint and have damaging effects. Improperly disposed batteries contribute to water and air pollution. When depleted, these batteries are tossed into the trash, and they end up in landfills, where they decay and leak. As the batteries corrode, their chemicals soak into the soil and contaminate groundwater and surface water.

With the large-scale adoption of electric cars and waiting on the brink is a booming recycling industry, these batteries will also find better use after discarding. Hopefully, we will breathe clean air in time to come. Until that happens, do your bit to save energy. Remember that a 2 degree further rise in our temperature will have catastrophic effects. Even worse than Covid.

Enjoy the issue.

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