Can Job Toxicity Entrap You And Your Mental Health? Here Are 4 Signs To Look Out For!

Job Toxicity

Job toxicity: A job can get toxic when the atmosphere, the people, or any combination of those things cause serious disruptions in the rest of your life.

Welcome fellow frustrated friends. I’m not the one to give disclaimers but this one is going to be an exception. You are all going to relate to this at one point or another. It may or may not mean you have to quit your job right about now. But do realize, when need be, it is important to get out of your comfort zone and take that uncomfortable step that has been waiting to be taken for a while now.

In this fast paced world there is a truck load of pressure, tight deadlines and high expectations to live up to. Since that doesn’t really differ for a lot of people, it is important to know when your work stress has transitioned into job toxicity.

The Lingering Stress

The infamous work hours, 9-5. The kind of jobs we dread. But if I am being honest, the work hours are not a problem, the work is. If your workload and the consequent stress is something that does not restrict itself to these work hours, it’s a classic start to what you may call toxicity.

Reflecting on Health!

Heavy eyes, lack of sleep, constant body pains,weight fluctuations, sunken eyes and constantly falling sick. Feels a little too familiar? If you’re nodding your head in agreement, you have reached the superlative level of stress. Stress is just another consequence of adulting but when it starts reflecting on your health, it’s time to get your caution lights ringing wildly.

Invasion by Negativity

While it’s not new to any employee how gossip sessions are the core of every organization, it is really important to know the difference between casual gossip to infesting on negativity. A work environment that manifests negative thoughts can possibly not have creative thoughts, good implementation skills and a welcoming vibe.
If you’re wondering this is also popularly known as “office politics”. This is just a thought to leave you. When you go to the office tomorrow, observe.

Job Toxicity

Good Work!

Constant lack of appreciation for the work you do, irrespective of how many deals you crack or new ideas you come up with by your seniors and bosses can be a huge contributor to toxicity. You might treat this lightly but imagine this; you’re constantly working day in and day out only to receive tons of other projects and no incentives, not knowing whether you’re valued in the organization or not. Where are you expected to get that motivation, friend?

Suffocation at work, both mentally and physically can be exhausting and really tiring. We’ve got one life and a million opportunities waiting for us. If we’re adulting, let’s do it right, yes? Work in an environment that helps you grow instead of stubbing you down. If you don’t get that, create one for yourself. It’ll be totally worth it.

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