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How to Make Your Gadget Last Longer

How to make gadget last longer

With rising unemployment and recession caused due to the pandemic, we are left with no choice but to handle things differently and carefully especially technology. Put in other words, with so many people dealing with shrinking funds, buying a new gadget is the last thing we can think of.

Indian consumer behaviour likes to spend. They prefer buying a new gadget rather than fixing it. As soon as our smartphone’s battery starts deteriorating or it starts lagging or slows down we think its time to upgrade and buy a new one. However, this is not completely our fault, tech manufactures encourage this behaviour by giving us incentives to buy new devices and do not educate us on how we can last our existing gadget longer.

If we put some efforts into caring for our gadgets they can last indefinitely. Here are a few effective steps that will help elongate the lives of your gadgets without costing you a dime:

Do a Deep Clean 

Dirt and debris can harm your device more than you think, they contribute to overheating which shortens the life of your gadget.

  • For smartphones, check for dirt and food particles clogged inside the charging ports, this causes the phone to charge more slowly. You can clean the ports from time to time using a sewing needle
  • For laptops and computers, remove the case and you will see the fans. These fans accumulate dust, hair, and all sorts of muck over time. The dirtier the fans are the hotter your device gets. Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of this muck.

Check Your Battery

The battery life of gadgets varies depending on their type but over time batteries of all gadgets start deteriorating. A smartphone battery lasts for approximately two years, a laptop battery will last three to four years. This doesn’t mean your gadget needs to replaced but you need to keep a close check on the battery’s remaining capacity. The lesser the capacity the more short-lived your gadget gets. If the capacity gets lower than 60% then you can think about replacing the battery. Here’s how you can evaluate whether a battery needs replacing:

  • iOS users can go to Settings, tap on Battery and select Battey health
  • Android users can install third-party apps AccuBattery that can read their battery’s health
  • Mac users can go to About This Mac and then System Report. Then click on Power to see the reading of battery health
  • Windows users can download the app BatteryInfoView to check battery health

Declutter Your Data

The more your device storage, the slower your gadget gets. First thing, delete any app that you haven’t used in three months. You can use a tool like Files that helps you show a list of apps that take the most data and when they were last used.  For Computers and Laptops, sort files by when they were last opened and from there you can rid of things you haven’t opened in a while. Use external storage to store large files, memory cards for smartphones, and hard drives for computers. This will keep your internal storage free and your operating system will perform better.

Protect Your Gadget

Most smartphone manufactures have already started providing protective cases along with the box and its a wise decision to start using them to avoid scratches. They also act as shock absorbers. Also, use a screen protector to prevent scratches on the glass and shattering at the time it falls.

Get it Fixed

When in warranty, your device can be fixed in their respective service centers, or if you’re lucky and the fault is major the manufacturers also replace your gadget. However, if your device has crossed the warranty period, you can find a local repair shop that’s trustworthy and has good ratings or reviews online and get it fixed from them. It’ll cost you a fraction of the amount to get your device repaired than buying a new one.

Try these steps for DIY tech maintenance of your gadgets and we’re sure you’ll not need to worry about your gadgets at least in these difficult times.

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