InfluencEx20 | Top Digital Influencers I Class of 2020


Tune in to watch as we hold our Awards this year virtually with some of the biggest Digital Influencers who are great content creators and who won the title after month-long public voting. Meet the #ClassOf2020, the winners who stood out from all the nominees. Get to know your favorite Influencers in a candid way, set a reminder & don’t miss out the Premiere of the very first Virtual Event of InfluencEx 20 Awards. What to look forward to An easy-going conversation with the top 15 winners, there’ll be fun, laughter, at times some Gyan & maybe some stuff which you didn’t know about them yet! This is just a curated version of our interview, for in depth conversations with the winners, stay tuned & hit the bell icon to get notified whenever we drop a video.

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