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Live Life, Dan Bilzerian size!

Dan Bilzerian

If you’re among the 100 million users of Instagram, there’s a bleak chance that you haven’t heard of Dan Bilzerian. His lavish lifestyle, gambling stories and a charismatic personality precedes him. He explores aspects of lifestyle, so bold that some might find it questionable but he stands unapologetic and strong, making every day count. In conversation with Smriti Raizada, Dan talks about his association with sports fantasy apps and his first-ever Poker game.

Ex: Hi Dan, welcome to India! Tell us about your collaboration with Livepools? Are there any online games you’re currently hooked on to?
DB: Thank you for having me! Livepools is an extremely exciting association that we are undertaking. India is a new market for us and sports fantasy applications are the future of gaming, so we are extremely excited to see where it takes us. Hooked onto Livepools at the moment [laughs].

Ex: Poker has become synonymous to Dan Bilzerian. Do you remember your first poker game? How did you come across Poker in the first place?
DB: The first time I played I remember I lost all my savings to my brother. I had to learn how to play after that to win back all that I had lost and believe me, I did. [laughs]

Ex: With the extravagant lifestyle you live, we really want to know if you have a mantra you live your life by?
DB: I have always lived outside the box! Back when I was younger, a 9-5 job didn’t interest me, I always wanted more.

Ex: ‘King of Instagram’ as they call you and quite justified because of your 28M+ following! Is there a certain thought that goes behind a post that you put up?
DB: I am very authentic with what I put up on social media as it stays true to my lifestyle in the real-life. While saying that, I also do feel that there is a lot that gets left out as I can’t possibly document everything.

Ex: You’re a travel junkie as we have often seen on your social media handles. What has been the most interesting escapade to date?
DB: I love travelling the globe. Hawaii and British Virgin Islands is probably one of the best places to surf and swim.

Ex: Do you have a travel bucket list? Tell us what’s topping the list right now?
DB: Yes most definitely, Russia and Africa are right at the top of the list right now.

Ex: What was the inspiration behind coming up with your brand, Alister?
DB: I couldn’t find products in the market that I really liked. When I had the opportunity to develop a line of products that work with clean ingredients, I realized I also want to help someone build their confidence with the help of pheromone boosters. Men should be conscious of what they put on their bodies – products with clean ingredients which help you feel confident in your own skin.

Ex: What are your views on India as a market for Alister?
DB: We’ve got a male driven line, which is pheromone infused. I feel women have a wide arsenal of products available to them, men don’t necessarily have that choice, more so in India. Men want products that are hassle-free, which make them feel good and smell good all day long.

Ex: Could you give the men that look up to you an ideal grooming regime?
DB: It’s quite simple! Use the everyday essentials of Body Wash, Deodorant, Cologne.

Ex: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
DB: Unapologetic, free and unfiltered! 

  • Most expensive tech buy:
    400k home automation upgrade for Vegas house
  • Tell us something your fans don’t know about you:
    I have a GED
  • If you could invent an app, it would be about:
    It would be a Dating App
  • Any message for all your fans in India:
    Thank you for all the love and use Alister, it will really help you!
  • Your last Google search:
    Bilz CSE
  • An unusual app on your phone:
  • A travel tech essential:
    iPhone charger

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