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Power Talk – Avneet Singh Marwah, Director and CEO, Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd

Mr Avneet Singh Marwah Director and CEO Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd

Avneet Singh Marwah, Director and CEO, Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd talks about the brand’s roadmap for the Indian market and it’s changing dynamics with Shintu Dhang.

Exhibit: Please share the recent developments and the milestones that the brand has hit this year.
Avneet Singh Marwah: 2019 has been an eventful year for us as we have achieved a new milestone this year. The brand has done a record number of sales this year, not only online but offline as well. If we talk about being successful online, our strategic partner is Flipkart where we are in the Top 5 selling affordable selling tv brands. We also did good sales on Amazon with 32-inch smart becoming the Top 3 selling model across. In terms of offline this year, we expanded our presence in LFRs i.e. in
Metro Cash & Carry, More (Aditya Birla Grp. Ltd), Croma, Reliance and Max.

This year, we have sold in more than 2100 towns and cities across India and that’s been the highest for Kodak so far. We have also delivered in more than 16000 pin codes in India. Along with that, we have launched 12 new models this year with Kodak Smart Wall.

For the future, we have an amazing line up for smart TVs with a focus on better technology. The company is excited as well because of the tremendous response we got in 2019. We won several awards for our success, including the best budget TV brand.

Exhibit: How was the festive season this year in terms of sales?
Avneet Singh Marwah: This year we have grown by 100% both online and offline.

Exhibit: You recently started a new fully automated production line in Noida. How has this supported your business? What was the expenditure incurred to set-up the same?
Avneet Singh Marwah: The fully automatic line was a long time due. This is one of the most advanced production lines in India as it is fully automatic with all the global standards. In terms of production, there are two dark rooms and clean room and the assembly line is combined to increase productivity and quality. Currently, the capacity of this line is 2400 units per day. With this line, our capacity has nearly doubled as we saw a spike of 100% percent over the festive season. We also saw a growth in the revenue this festive season because of the volume generated by these lines.

Exhibit: Where do you position the brand in the top 5 in the affordable category? How do you plan to achieve the goal?
Avneet Singh Marwah: We are always switching up between number 3 and 4 for the most affordable category. We launched Kodak televisions in 2016 and we are the longest-running licensee TV brand in the country. Since the launch, there has been a year on year growth and today, our market share is about 4%. Our next target now is to come in the top 2 most affordable brands in India and the way forward to achieve that is by expanding big on infrastructure. We are increasing our selling point in offline.

In 2020, the plan is to increase and do more business both online and offline and increase LFRs and chain stores. In online, we will be launching some exciting products which will be exclusive only online. This will be the best-in-class as Kodak is famous for giving the best technology at an affordable price.

Exhibit: After-sales services is the mantra of a successful brand. Please throw some light on the after-sales services offered by the brand.
Avneet Singh Marwah: If we look back in 2016, we only had about 220 service centres and today we have more than 350 owned company service centres with a tie-up of 220 service centres in India. We take after-sales service very seriously and have expanded across India. Kodak service centres are there right from Srinagar to Kanyakumari and from Bhuj to Guwahati. We have company-owned service centres across India as we have delivered in 16000 pin codes. You can imagine the vast network we have!

In terms of customer satisfaction, our television rating is about 4.4 which is one of the highest in any TV category. Our SLA in terms of installation and demo is less than 24 hours in tier 1 and in tier 2&3 it is less than 48 hours. As we are the manufacturers, our SLA time is really short in terms of the spare parts required.

Exhibit: Talk about the upcoming product launches and offerings.
Avneet Singh Marwah: As mentioned 2020 will be one of the most exciting years of Kodak TVs in India. We are planning a complete game-changer product in India. I think the time has come where the customer needs the same kind of technology at a very affordable price. Kodak is designing a top product which you will be able to compare with the top 2 brands. Our company is focused on the large screen as India is one of the fastest-growing economies and as a brand, we have a responsibility that bigger sizes in TVs should grow in our country.

India is the 4th largest country in terms of televisions. Within 3 years, we’ll be number three and that will only be possible if the bigger sizes grow. There is a lot of potentials as the customers are getting more variety in terms of content. Kodak HD LED TVs are very focused on their smart televisions and on new 4k products. There’ll be a couple of big launches in 2020 and apart from that, there will be a big announcement from Kodak TVs in India which you will get to know soon.

Shintu Dhang
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