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Vikram Mehra | Top Leaders In Tech & Auto

Ex: What is one truth you believe in that most people disagree with you on?
Vikram: Innovation comes from Anthropology and not Technology

Ex: What is the one subject you think aspiring leaders should learn?
Vikram: Psychology

Ex: One thing you believe is absolutely necessary for sustained growth?
Vikram: Ability to take a risk, which is possible only when fear of failure vanishes

Ex: One book you keep coming back to?
Vikram: Life

Ex: Leadership quotes that you live by (Can be multiple)
Vikram:  1. Ruk Jana Nahin, Tu Kahin Haar Ke.
2. Kanton pe chal ke, milenge saaye bahar ke.

Ex: How difficult is it to maintain a work-life balance?
Vikram: Make your passion your work, and suddenly you don’t have to balance between the two

Ex: What has been your biggest learning in the pandemic?
Vikram: Self-driven people contribute irrespective of whether their bosses are hovering over them or not

Ex: Some productivity apps and technologies you use in your daily life?
Vikram: Trello

Ex: What is your technology detox like?
Vikram: Travel with no access to emails and messages

Ex: What’s coming next from Saregama?
Vikram: 1. Carvaan Karaoke for everyone stuck at home
2. Carvaan Kids for all bachchas who are stuck in front of screens
3. 50 new songs in Gujarati and Bhojpuri
4. Movies: Bahut Hua Samman, Comedy Couple, Zombivali

Ex: How do you see the industry shaping up in the post COVID world?
Vikram: People will spend more time at home, thus pushing entertainment consumption through the roof!

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