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Elnaaz Norouzi: A Journey From Model To Actor

Elnaaz Norouzi

Elnaaz Norouzi was a part of  our December Issue that showcased the best that tech had to offer in 2019.

Ex: Hi Elnaaz! You are sacred now and the games you have played on-screen has been phenomenal – How have things changed?
EN: Obviously from not being known to known was the biggest change. After ‘Sacred Games’ I got the recognition that this is who played ‘Zoya’ or ‘Jamila’. Earlier people used to know that I am a model but now they have started knowing my face and with work, it has been bringing me a lot of opportunities with acting driven work. So all in all things have become better.

Ex: 2019 has been a year for you with 2020 kicking in what you are looking forward to?
EN: I am looking forward to things that would make me happy. I want to act more on projects that would excite me. I also want the audience to see the other side of me that’s dancing so I have two of my new songs coming up in the year 2020. Just hoping for busier times, opportunities that will help me grow.

Ex: What are your travel tech essentials?
EN: Well, my phone and on my way on the flight I realized that I need to read a book so I downloaded kindle on my phone. And it’s not like that you need a lot of gadgets if you want to travel light your phone can be just enough.

Ex: Do you ever take a detox from social media and tech?
EN: Honestly, it is very difficult to keep away from it that too in a world like today where almost everything is on your phone. It is barely possible to stay without it because you’re so dependable on it. Sometimes I really wish to take a break and not touch my phone for three days straight but then again it’s very difficult and especially with our jobs. I am trying to keep away from my phone as much as I can by turning off my notifications so that I don’t keep peeking constantly.

Ex: Are you an avid reader? Some of the books that you are reading?
EN: Oh yes, I love reading. I read a lot of motivational books. For me, the one I recently read and loved would be ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter.

Ex: A show you are currently binging on?
EN: To be honest I barely have any time to breathe so haven’t been able to binge-watch. But the show that I watched long back was ‘Sacred Games’ other than I have just started watching ‘Game of Thrones’ but probably will take five years to complete it (laughs).

Ex: What’s your next tech buy in your wish list?
EN: The thing is I really hate carrying big products with me that’s the reason I love my earpods but maybe a set of boat headphones with noise cancelling especially when I am on a flight that would be cool.

Ex: One fashion trend that you think is not fading soon?
EN: The trend of wearing over sized and loose clothes. I think earlier people would find you stupid if you were seen wearing it but now I feel everyone just cares about their comfort more and now it is not going to be bigger and prominent.

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