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Kusha Kapila Is An Extraordinary Force To Reckon With

Kusha Kapila

She’s a strong, confident woman who’s etching new paths for all those who look up to her. Kusha Kapila is a force to reckon with. A fun and hilarious conversation later, Smriti Raizada unfurled dimensions of KKa (can we make this official please?) – some peculiar some not – that definitely helped us to get to know her better.

Ex: Hey Kusha, how has the journey from ‘Who Kusha?’ to Woah Kusha!’ been for you?
KKa: Honestly, I haven’t even had the time to understand this or take into account how quickly things have changed but I feel that somewhere deep down I always wanted to be performing but it seemed like such a distant dream that I never thought that this could actually happen for me. So when it did, it kind of felt like destiny, in a very weird way. I wake with gratitude everyday but there’s also so much to do every single day of my life, there are so many distinct opportunities that come my way that I don’t want to stop. I just want to keep hustling and unlock whatever potential there is to unlock that I didn’t even know I had. It’s a very overwhelming feeling but also very satisfying.

Ex: Can you spill some beans about the upcoming Netflix, KJo and KKa collaboration?
KKa: It is a feature movie. You’ve heard of Lust Stories? Similarly there’s Ghost Stories. There are 4 stories from different directors, so I have a role in Karan Johar’s movie (which I can’t talk about because everything is under embargo!). But what I can tell you that it’s a bucket listen item, for me to have landed a movie literally one year into my career – it’s unbelievable! I don’t know how else to say it but it’s a feeling like no other. 

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Ex: How difficult do you think it’ll be if you had to portray a dark role in contrast to say, Billi maasi?
KKa: So, I have done that before and it has been received unbelievably well actually. It’s a short film that has quite an interesting viewership on YouTube. I played a Schizophrenia patient and it’s very serious and nothing like I’ve ever done. I absolutely loved doing it and it also gave me a sense of satisfaction as a performer and an actor. I felt fulfilled.

Ex: Millennials are obsessed with keeping up with trends. But tell us what apps on your phone help you keep up with the latest happenings?
KKa: I have all the news app, which I’m sure everybody else has because it’s really important to be politically aware. I am somebody who as soon as I see something that excites me, I like to shoot content around it. So, I have a lot of editing apps.

Ex: Digital content has been on a massive rise in the last couple of years. How do you keep up your content quality and engagement?
KKa: I feel like the only way to exist in a place like this is to stay true to yourself. It’s great to evolve and try new things but the more you stray away from who you are and what you initially stood for, I think you kind end up being slightly confused. Say tomorrow, I want to do content related to political comedy (which by the way I really do want to try out but I haven’t had the guts to do it!), I believe my audience will stay with me but I have to do it my style.

Ex: Social media has multiple positives but it does come with its share of negatives. How do you deal with the hate or bullying that comes with the medium?
KKa: Sometimes when criticism comes your way, and I mean a very small percentage, they criticize you about their low depth content. It’s extremely important to put forward your stance and explain to your audience why you took up the kind of content that you did. But at the same time, the other comments are just hate comments that are just trying to pull you down. At times, it really does get to you, when they attack your family or things that really matter to you. 

Even then, for me, love and appreciation has always exceeded all those things. And you can’t deny that when you’re in the public space, this is what you’ve signed up for. Over time, I’ve learnt this art of wonderfully ignoring stuff and also filter people. I can tell which comments are well-meaning and what feedback is there to just pull me down. That clarity has really come over time.

Ex: Who’s been the one person to have pushed you forward in pursuing your dream?
KKa: My husband. He always has feedback to give me. But the one person who’s been my partner and mentor is Santu Misra. He helped me realize this dream, he’s guiding me through every step of the way. Honestly, I feel that in this field you cannot survive as a solo person, you have to have a very story family that supports you, you have to have people who’re constantly looking out for you, you have to have people who give you genuine feedback. And I feel like I have those people in my life. I have an incredible team that works very hard to realize the dream we have. Also, most of my house is run by my husband, thanks to my erratic routine. That offends people but also reassures them at the same time. I want to build a narrative on the later.

Ex: What would your calling be in a parallel universe?
KKa: I would love to be a singer!

Ex: What advice would you give to someone who wants to start off in the digital space and create content?
KKa: Stop thinking. I feel like we think too much and then when we’re supposed to think, we don’t think at all. If you have to start your career in this field, you have to accept that there is going to be feedback. But if you take it to your heart and not run after the life that’s waiting for you, it would be such a bloody shame. So, go out there, do your bit, give everything that you have into whatever it is you want to achieve.


  • The most fun character you’ve played?
    Billi maasi, she’s so stupid. Somebody needs to slap her, she’s so inappropriate!
  • What show are you currently binge watching?
    I just finished watching One Mic Stand but I hope I get time to finish Crown!
  • Current travel book?
    All About Love
  • Who are you stalking on Instagram?
    Viral Biyani but I really want to talk Phoebe Waller-Bridge, I’m obsessed with her (unfortunately she doesn’t have a gram account!)
  • An unusual app on your phone?
    Voice changer [laughs], it’s just for me to try out new characters.
  • 3 travel tech essentials?
    My phone, and then an extra phone in case the first one gives up on me and my camera (Canon G7 X)
  • What was your last Google search?
    [Laughs] Spelling of Delhites (is it double I or double t?)
  • Any useless hidden talents?
    I can tolerate moronic people. I am the QUEEN of small talk. I can make the person feel like we’re having a legit conversation but I’m still making small talk.
  • If you had to describe yourself in a hashtag?

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