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Malavika Mohanan on How Her Multicultural Background Shaped Her Life

Malavika Mohanan

Malavika Mohanan was a part of  our December Issue that showcased the best that tech had to offer in 2019.

Ex: Hi Malavika! 2019 has been a year for you, some of the highs that you would like to share with us?
First of all, it feels like the year has just begun it’s absolutely crazy how it has passed by so quick you have to like comprehend where did it go. A lot more has happened on the professional front, my film ‘Petta’ with Rajnikanth sir was released earlier this year and I was overwhelmed by its reception. And now my working on a film with Vijay Devarakonda and cannot contain my excitement for it.

Ex: What would have been your calling from the parallel universe?
MM: Probably, I would take up my dad’s footsteps and explore cinematography. I love the visual media so would stick to it or photography.

Ex: Are you an avid reader? One book that you are reading currently?
MM: I used to read a lot, I was that kid who always had a book in her hand but then changed when technology kind of took over and got replaced by a phone, unfortunately. Well, right now I am reading this book called ‘Snow’ by Orhan Pamuk.

Ex: What is your choice of music, could you share your playlist with us?
MM: Since I grew up in a multicultural environment so I was exposed to different genres and languages from Malayali, Tamil, Telugu and Bollywood also adding American pop and A.R. Rahman’s. So it’s a mix of both worlds.

Ex: What are your travel tech essentials?
MM: When you are working round the clock a portable charger for sure with a pair of headphones currently I am using the Bose earpods, it’s one of the most helpful gadgets that I own. And also a kindle.

Ex: The show you are currently binging on?
MM: Currently, I am watching this amazing show called ‘Fleabag’.

Ex: Do you ever take a detox from social media and tech?
MM: As an actor, there is so much waiting around on the sets so it becomes very addictive because you are constantly switching between apps and not doing anything productive with time. So it is a constant struggle trying to refrain from it. 

Ex: What’s your next tech buy in your wish list?
MM: Lately, I have gotten into more utility-based gadgets so one would be Dyson’s air purifier and another one is not tech but an automobile is the Tesla cybertruck for some reason (laughs).

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