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Nina and Malika Open Up About Their Journey

Nina and Malika

They have broken all stereotypes on their run to the top in the electronic music scene. With back to back shows, the gorgeously talented duo soon became a demanded act in the circuit and went on to perform at some of the biggest music festivals like Sunburn & VH1 SUPERSONIC. They were picked up by brands like VOGUE India, GQ India, CALVIN KLEIN, and RANGE ROVER for endorsements. In the year 2016, the duo released their chart-topping debut single Never Let You Go in collaboration with ZAEDEN through the world’s biggest EDM record label SPINNING Records. The track garnered a whopping 4 Million + views on YouTube and had been constant looper on playlists since its release.

Nina & Malika hit jackpot when they opened for COLDPLAY on their first ever concert in India at the Global Citizen Festival 2016. In a fun-filled conversation with Smriti Raizada, Nina & Malika opened up about their journey, style of music, and a lot of tech trivia, obviously

Ex: How difficult was it to become one of the most popular women DJ duo, especially in a male-dominated industry?
Being a female duo in a male dominated industry actually worked to our advantage as it was something new in the Indian entertainment market.

Ex: How would you like to describe your style of music in live sets?It’s very dance-y. We play a lot of pop mashups with melodic drops here and there. 

Ex: How does the response of your audience differ in different places you’ve played at?
Well, we play at many different events; from clubs, college festivals to corporate & weddings events. So our crowd varies from younger college kids to older adults or a mix of both. When we have a younger audience, we like to keep it young and fresh, playing the current hits mashed with big bass, high energy beats!

At events, since we deal with a more mature crowd, we play a mix of current and old hits mashed with a house retro feel. We play on different sets to engage our audience better as we play with a vibe that they relate to more. Music at parties is all about connecting with a vibe you’re into!

Ex: What are your thoughts on social media and digital streaming of music?
In some ways, it takes away the mystery of things because everything has become so accessible. But the upside is that it’s given so many different people a platform that might have never been seen or heard so we have mixed feelings about it.

Ex: The best and worst thing about being a DJ:
Best: It’s all about music and connecting with people.
Worst: The worst thing would have to be the many flights we take for our shows!

Ex: Any advice for aspiring DJs in India?
Follow your dreams, don’t let people tell you otherwise but also learn to take helpful criticism.

Ex: What’s in store for 2019?
Hoping to put out some new Music!

  • Most expensive tech you own:
  • The phone you own:
    iPhone X
  • The car you drive:
    Rapid, Skoda 
  • Your tech bucket list:
    Roli Seaboard
  • Name a favorite from your own tracks:
    Never Let You Go
  • Favorite non-dance song:
    Ah, too many!  Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On
  • One song you thought didn’t deserve the attention it got:
    There are so many tracks we don’t personally like which we could name but to say a track doesn’t deserve attention is unfair because someone, somewhere put in time and effort into making it, marketing it and in their opinion thought it was really good. So it’s for the best not to comment.
  • Favorite music festival to play/want to play at:
    Sounds so cheesy but Coachella!
  • Essentials at a concert:
  • One mistake that DJs often make:
    Don’t think there’s one particular mistake, everyone has their own journey!

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