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Prateek Kuhad is a Feeling!

Prateek Kuhad

Prateek Kuhad. Does this man really need an introduction? Maybe I am just trying to escape this part of my work because I know words will fall short. It’s one thing to make a song and whole lot another thing to make you feel like Prateek Kuhad does. Let me just put it like this, and I am sure many will agree, Prateek Kuhad is a feeling. A feeling you can’t and don’t want to escape. So put on your favorite PK track and read on, as Prateek Kuhad gets into a candid conversation with Smriti Raizada.

Ex: Hi Prateek, you’ve had a beautiful journey. Tell us about a moment when you thought your music was the real deal?
PK: Thanks! When almost 3,000 people sang along to my songs in Bangalore earlier this year.

Ex: Who’s been your guiding force through it all?
PK: Instinct.

Ex: You’ve now done both Bollywood and independent albums. Does the process differ from one to the other?
PK: Yes it does. Bollywood tends to be work for hire, so I’m writing songs for a specific character in a film and constructing the song for a particular scene. It’s almost entirely impersonal and mostly songwriting craft. When I write for my own records, it’s more personal and I have more freedom to write about whatever I want.

Ex: You have people going gaga over your voice. Did you expect the kind of fan base you have now back when you started?
PK: No I did not. It’s definitely been an overwhelming experience.

Ex: Your videos have a striking flavor of unconventional and bold. Where do you draw that inspiration from?
PK: I usually find the right filmmakers and let them direct where the music video is going and give them the creative freedom.

Ex: Technology is integrating in all aspects of our life now. Is there a specific gadget or technological invention that you think is a boon for music artists?
PK: My phone is a very handy piece of tech. I can record a demo anywhere and anytime.

Ex: You’re on tour almost all around the world. How’s the audience abroad different from that in India?
PK: It’s almost the same everywhere, actually.

Ex: On the note of traveling, what are your 3 favourite travel tech essentials?
PK: Smart Watch (for tracking my runs and workouts), phone and tablet.


  1. If you had to have a stage name, what would it be?
    Prateek Kuhad
  2.   Prateek Kuhad, the songwriter or the singer?
    The songwriter
  3. On stage or in a studio?
    In the studio
  4. Favorite instrument to play?
  5. Most expensive tech buy?
    My Nord Electro
  6. Tell us one thing your fans don’t know about you?
    I don’t know what my fans don’t know about me so I don’t know.
  7. What’s the most special thing a fan has done for you?
    Tattooed ‘cold/mess’ on themselves.
  8. Top 3 bands/artists?
    Led Zeppelin, Elliott Smith, Sahir Ludhianvi
  9. What would your calling be in a parallel universe?


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