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We Got Caught Humming the Tunes of Martin Jensen

Martin Jensen

If dance music is your scene, there is a high probability that you’ve been randomly caught humming the tunes of Martin Jensen. The Danish DJ and record producer has given us some insane music in the last couple of years. Smriti Raizada caught him ‘Solo Dancing’ this February as Martin indulged in a fun conversation about life, the secret ingredient to his music and tech.

Ex: Childhood usually holds a strong influence in the life of an artist. Is there a particular moment or phase in yours that you believed shaped the kind of music you produce today?
MJ: I’ve been brought up in an environment of entrepreneurs and always had the drive to do things my own way. I had a mobile disco for a lot of years and built it into Denmark’s biggest in its field. From that success I got the spark to get into music production and furthering my performances.

I’ve always been a performer first and producer second, but my influence definitely stemmed from all the places I got to see through my initial mobile disco. Today it comes from travelling the world and experiencing different cultures. 

Ex: Miracles became a favourite for millions after its release. What goes behind getting a song together? What was special about this one?
MJ: I’m all about the lyrics in my songs, where many might initially listen to the melodies, I go straight for what I believe is important. Make songs you feel are special in their own way and with lyrics which really catch you from the start, that’s the secret ingredient in my opinion. 

Ex: How important is it for you to put across a story or thought through the music (or even the music videos) you create?
MJ: I feel this closely connects to the question above. Get your lyrics right and you’ll get the ideas to further enhance that story through your production. I’m always involved in all aspects, so music videos and their stories have also always been an important aspect to develop in the right way for me

Ex: Let’s talk about Solo Dance, because how can we not. With over 54 million views on YouTube and topping the charts in multiple countries. What changed after the enormous success of the song?
MJ: Everything. Everything changed and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities and experiences this song created for me. 

Ex: Technology and music is a trending integrated space. With Electronic Dance Music reaching peaks, what kind of technology do you inculcate into your music?
MJ: I’m big on tech and definitely use it in all aspects of my life. If we’re talking music production and live performances, it’s definitely the live side I try to push the boundaries with when it comes to technology. Each year I go into brainstorming with my team on what to do different, what new software, products and possibilities have come during the past year and what to use for next. It’s a fun and engaging process which I couldn’t live without. 

Ex: Touring is part of the territory for music artists. What’s the best and worst thing about performing live for an audience?
I don’t believe there’s any bad things to say about performing in front of a live audience. To have people take time out of their lives to go experience your show is the most rewarding thing I can think of. If we however talk about the worst in terms of touring, then I can definitely name a few things. The lack of sleep, odd hours, delays and so forth, but it’s all worth it when you stand in front of that screaming, smiling and energetic crowd. 

Ex: On that topic of tours, you’d be surprised to know how many fans you have in India! How far is the dream of an Indian tour?
MJ: That’s amazing to hear! I don’t think I can count how many times I’ve spoken to my team about organising a tour in India. It’s been on top of my list for years and I hope to soon make the dream a reality. If I do something, I do it 100% and this is why it’s been taking me a while to get off the ground. It needs to be with the right venues, partners and in the right period. Everything needs to fall into place, but I’m still working on it! 

Ex: Being in a creative field requires constantly looking for inspiration and new ideas. How do you overcome your creative block?
MJ: Travelling the world opens your eyes to different sounds, cultures, people and from that comes the stories I want to convey in my live shows and music. Travelling has been the reason I’m able to keep developing myself as a person and artist. If I ever get to a creative block, it usually means I need a small break. After the break I’m always ready to go again creatively. 

Ex: In a parallel universe, what would be Martin Jensen’s calling?
Anything entrepreneurial! I love big machines, tech and doing what others might deem impossible. So a combination of tech development and massive machines. 

Ex: A piece of advice you want to give budding artists.
MJ: Keep going and focus on yourself rather than comparing yourself to others! I know this sounds cliché but it’s really what has brought me to where I am today. 

  • Your prediction of your life in 2020:
    Bigger releases and bigger shows! I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been preparing for 2020. 
  • Most expensive tech buy:
    My Beolab 900 B&O speakers. I’ve got two in my living room for the most awesome sound when watching movies and listening to music.  
  • Car you own and the one you’d like to get:
    I currently don’t own a car as I’m travelling the whole year round, but I did have an Audi R8 which was quite the ride. There are so many sick rides out there, but one of them would have to be the Lamborghini Urus.
  • Some essential tech toys in your music studio:
    If I’m in my studio then my new Yamaha piano is definitely a must as I like to play around with melodies on that. On the road all you really needs is your MacBook and a midi keyboard. I’m not much of an analog guy, so I keep things pretty simple!
  • Describe a quintessential day in your life:
    As Exhibit is a tech magazine I’ll give you the most important tech in my life: Apple products. Anything Apple goes! I’m a huge fan. 
  • Tell us one thing your fans don’t know about you:
    I think my fans know quite a bit about me actually! I’m not sure if anybody knows this but I’m a sucker for Danish reality shows. There’s something about switching your brain off for a bit of time and just watching something fun. 
  • Who’s owning the electronic music scene currently:
    I really feel like a lot of artists have stepped up their game in 2019. It’s amazing to see everyone pushing the boundaries consistently. It really engages you to be the better version of yourself each and every day. A few artists on the top of my mind: Taylor Swift, The Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix, MEDUZA.
  • Your favourite Martin Jensen song:
    I love all my songs, but obviously the one which opened the most doors and got me the furthest is Solo Dance. That song will forever have a place in my heart.

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