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Kanye West set to acquire right-wing social media platform Parler

Kanye West cannot stop making headlines ever since his divorce from Kim Kardashian. The ‘I am a God’ rapper was seen making outlandish comments against her ex-wife and then about her boyfriend when Kim started dating Pete Davidson. Kanye was seen calling Pete Davidson ‘Skete’ on several occasions on social media which sparked a slew of memes across the internet. Everything up until now was considered an amusing banter amongst Ye fans and other internet users (of course, not Kim) but things took a steep left turn when the rapper was seen making anti-semitic comments while making public or podcast appearances. The internet quickly turned its back on Kanye with platforms like Instagram and Twitter deleting some of Kanye’s hate-mongering posts and ultimately banning him from the platforms altogether. Now, Ye has yet again made headlines for a controversial reason as he has decided to acquire the right-wing social media platform, Parler.

Kanye Acquires Parler

Just shortly after Kanye West was banned from mainstream platforms for sharing anti-semitic posts, Kanye West has made a bid to purchase the right-wing friendly social media platform, Parler. West, who is now legally known as Ye will now be gaining control of Parler allowing him to share his unrestricted thoughts. In his official statement, Ye noted that “In a world where conservative opinions are considered to be controversial, we have to make sure we have the right to freely express ourselves”

Parler was introduced back in August 2018 but it did not gain mainstream traction until 2020. The controversial platform was taken offline due to its connection with the US Capitol violence, but it quickly relaunched in a month. Ye and Parlement Technologies, who run Parler have not stated the exact price for which the former has acquired the platform.

Right now, there is no way to know whether Parler will be making its way to the mainstream climbing up the social media ladder already crowded with multiple platforms. Parler is currently collecting the crumbles left by platforms like Twitter and Instagram as people banned from those platforms usually make their way to platforms like Parler. However, the platform can soon become irrelevant as Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition could bring relaxation to its content moderation policy.

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