RED RUSSET Shoes: India’s first healthy shoes by Von Wellx Germany

RED RUSSET Shoes: India's first healthy shoes by Von Wellx Germany

Von Wellx Germany is a footwear brand based on Internationally Patented German Technology – 5 Zones by Dr. Mauch across Men’s and Women’s Category. This is sold in more than 80 countries with over 100 million happy buyers and crafted with patented materials in only one plant in Italy. Isn’t it quite cool?

The USP is that while it encourages good health of the feet, knees, and back, it is very trendy to just adhere to the “The Healthiest Shoes Ever” slogan. They also have a special range for Diabetes, Hallux Valgus, Flat foot, etc.

It is the first-ever healthy footwear company to come to India and has launched its Red Russet range. Just as attractive as they are in summers during winter and autumn, when combined with any ensemble, these richly colored red shoes create a fashionable and tactile look.

Von Wellx Germany - Healthy Shoes - Exhibit Mag

Priced at INR 5999

The collection displays an amalgamation of various styles of footwear such as oxfords, loafers, and boots in a range of red hues varying from maroons to burgundy and oxblood. Such footwear is a great way to brighten up a corporate appearance while being suitable for bringing contrast to a pair of dark denim or chinos at the same time. It consists of breathable leather, which expels moisture and guarantees all-day comfort during the monsoon.

Von Wellx Germany - Healthy Shoes Price - Exhibit Mag

Priced at INR 5499

Ashish Jain, Director & CEO, Von Wellx Germany says, “the warm color footwear adds a fun factor to the overall look and makes you stand out from the crowd. Every man should at least own a pair of maroon or burgundy hues that complement your uber style. At Von Wellx Germany, we ensure style and health benefits to our customers in one”

This footwear is made of 5-bed zone reflex technology, providing its patrons with the following health benefits and well-being:

  • Soft massage to the feet all-day
  • Relieves heel, knee and back pain
  • Prevents fungus growth and disallows swelling
  • Increases the blood circulation and balances the metabolism
Von Wellx Germany - Healthy Shoes Price - Exhibit Mag

Priced at INR 4999

Von Wellx Germany has now landed in India and is available across India at Metro, Mochi & Centro, etc. shoe stores and online on Amazon, Flipkart &


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