Elon Musk Is Promoting This App Everywhere! But What Is It?

Elon Musk Clubhouse

As far as endorsements go getting one from the world’s richest man, Elon Musk is the best that any product or service can get. The product we’re talking about today is the brand new social media app called “Clubhouse,” and everyone from Mark Cuban to Chris Rock is on it.

But in a world dominated by Facebook and Twitter, what new can a social media app bring to stand out from the market. Here’s what the Clubhouse exactly does and why you should be interested in it.

Clubhouse: More of The Same Or Something Revolutionary?

Elon Musk Clubhouse

When you combine podcast with convention and multiply it with the internet’s ease, you get Clubhouse. It is a sound-based app where you can talk in detail with friends, strangers and celebrities. It is not in competition with Facebook or Instagram, at least not directly.

Currently, it is only available on iOS but an Android version is already in works. Furthermore, the app works on an invite-only basis, meaning you’ll first have to receive an invitation before you can access it.

The clubhouse consists of different chat rooms where multiple people discuss varied topics based on their interests. For example, you can find a bunch of comedians in one particular group talking about their craft or their process, and you can also find a group of scientists, actors or journalists as well.

These groups are constructed of two factions, speakers and the audience. As the name suggests, the speaker group leads the discussion, and the audience is there to listen. If you join as an audience, you can still ask questions by pressing the “raise hand” option, just like a real convention. Remember that all of this is sound-based so you’ll have to speak into your microphone to ask the question.

You can start your own chat room as well. You can make it either open to the public, to friends or to a few close people you trust.

Other important features like friend list, ability to tweet information, notifications alert etc. are all present.

How Will It Change Social Media?

Social Media is currently dominated by short-form content, be it in the form of videos, tweets, or simple Instagram posts. The Clubhouse is inherently different from these apps in the fact it is entirely based on long-form content. A free-flowing conversation between two or more people easily lasts for hours. And so does a speech.

The long-form conversation also leaves little room for misinterpretation as you can take your time and explain your position very clearly, unlike a Tweet or a social media post.

The fact that it is sound-based makes it even better as speaking requires active participation compared to texting. Podcasts and speeches on YouTube have proved that people like to consume long-form content and Clubhouse is only going to make this process easier.

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