Govt Could Arrest Twitter Execs Over Non-Compliance


In the aftermath of farm protest in the country, a showdown between the social media giant Twitter and the Govt has arisen. According to the officials, top Twitter executives, particularly those who don’t comply with the Govt’s request to take down accounts posting “inflammatory content,” could face legal action.

The Indian Government directed Twitter to block 257 accounts that Tweeted the trend #ModiPlanningFarmerGenocide. However, the social media giant took down only 126 such accounts.

Additionally, the IT Ministry had also asked Twitter to block 1,178 accounts having links to Khalistani and Pakistani elements. Twitter again, only took down 538 of them.

According to Twitter, it is not taking down social media accounts linked to activists, journalists, and politicians as it violates “the right to freedom of expression under Indian law.”

Officials from the Indian Government aren’t satisfied with Twitter’s approach. Twitter execs had recently asked for a meeting with the IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, which was turned down as Twitter released a blog post prior to the meeting explaining their position to the public.

However, the media giant did score an audience with the IT Secretary Sawhney over this issue.

The officials reminded Twitter of its biased approach and compared its swift action in the case of Capitol Hill unrest to its slow non-action in the case of Red Fort protest.

Twitter has maintained the position that they took immediate action on 26th January over accounts spreading messages that could lead to offline violence. Their team provided 24/7 coverage and took rightful steps to enforce impartial action over tweets and content.

At present, the Government is of the position that Twitter is “making commercial and business benefit by allowing the handles of those who were spreading poisonous speech.”

On Wednesday Government officials expressed their annoyance as Twitter “unwillingly, grudgingly and with great delay complied with the substantial parts.”

Twitter says it will continue to comply with the rule of the land and further seeks better engagement between the Indian Government and its global team.

Currently, multiple accounts are trending the hashtag “#BanTwitter” on Social media prompting the audience to leave it for the recently launched Indian alternative “Koo.”

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