IIT-B Will Feature Game Development Courses Starting 2021, Says Govt

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During a recent virtual pan Maharashtra event, “Khel Khel Mein,” Minister of Public Information and Broadcasting, Mr Prakash Javdekar, stated his intention to accelerate the video game industry in India.

According to him, the current crop of video games is “violent, addictive, explicit.” He went to say that such games create a complex in the mind of children by giving the example of the popular Battle Royale game PUBG.

The Indian minister is taking a free-market approach to fixing the current gaming scenario in India. “Criticizing them is not an option,” as Javdekar wants to become competitive in making video games that reflect Indian ethos.

He wants the developers to build video games and apps under the #makeinIndia initiative for the global market. The games to be developed under this initiative would reflect the values of our country.

The government will collaborate with IIT-B to create a Centre of Excellence in Gaming and Animation. Although India hasn’t been competitive on the gaming scene, recently a fresh crop of game developers have made their mark on the industry.

Javdekar confirmed that they’re in the final stages of preparation and will begin the courses in 2021 itself. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is adamant about preserving culture, Indian values and heritage. Javdekar reiterated that Modi is putting immense efforts into making the nation’s youth aware of our rich culture.

Raji: An Ancient Epic, the latest game from the Nodding Head games based in Pune, won three awards at the Taipei gaming awards. The game has a 9/10 score on the gaming platform Steam, and the recent reviews of the game are in the “very positive” category.

The mobile gaming industry is on the boom in India, with publishers like Games2Win, Moonton, Moonfrog, Nextwave Multimedia releasing quality games on Google Playstore and Apple iOS. However, Raji gave a much-required push to the Indian gaming industry. Inspiring other developers to also make titles for PC and consoles.

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