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Bill Gates Didn’t Buy It, But It Definitely Got Our Attention – Sinot Aqua

Sinot Aqua

Sinot Aqua – A State  of the Art Watercraft

David Lee Roth once said, “Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it.” It seems like Bill Gates took up this advice quite seriously. That’s what we were made to believe, thanks to hearsay becoming the talk of the town. But amongst all those rumours, this beauty stole all of our attention.

The only thing better than a yacht is a superyacht. Say hello to Sinot Aqua! Aqua is a premium project of the Dutch yacht maker, Sinot, which earlier released a detailed modelled structure of the superyacht. The unique selling point of Aqua is that it is the world’s first liquid hydrogen-powered superyacht worth a staggering $644 million. 

This is probably why it was easy to believe the rumour that the second richest man in the world is purchasing this advanced technology driven yacht.


The first question that popped up in my head is – what is so special about this yacht. Sorry, superyacht. And yes, why is it called a superyacht?

Let’s find out together.

First things first, this exuberant yacht is 367-foot (which is about 112 meters) – which is about 25 sedans stacked up horizontally. The mere length of Aqua, makes it a breathtaking view for sore eyes. It is a five-deck watercraft which will accommodate 14 guests along with 31 crew members. 

Sinot Aqua_4

Apart from being an eco-conscious, Aqua is exemplary of the groundbreaking technology that has been used to fuel this magnificent giant. It is fueled by liquefied hydrogen that is carefully stored at significantly low temperatures in two 28-tonne isolated tanks. The designs have been thus created to keep the hydrogen stable at -253 degrees. This pressure, through Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells, converts liquefied hydrogen into electric energy leaving only one byproduct of the process – water.

Alongside a display of cutting-edge technology, Aqua also houses futuristic and premium amenities such as an infinity pool, a yacht cinema, an outdoor lounge (with a spa, gym, beauty salon), a helipad, and an observatory deck that opens up your view infinitely to the ocean ahead of you.

Sinot Aqua_2

Sinot Aqua has a 3750-nautical mile range and can accommodate a top speed of 17 knots and promises for the journey to be seamless.

With glass windows lengthening from the floor all the way to the ceiling, the yacht is filled with ample natural light and is the perfect deck for brilliant views.The interiors are filled with exquisite furniture pieces tailored to efficient use of space.

The core of the superyacht is, for the lack of better words, enchanting. A circular staircase winding from the upper deck all the way to the lower deck is a path that leads to where the hydrogen tanks are situated. This is one of the most defining features of the superyacht.

Sinot Aqua_3

I am on board (pun intended!) with the newest technology making the world a more innovatively advanced place to live in. But one thing that matters more and is also absolutely necessary to factor in is the need for sustainability which is what makes Sinot Aqua one of my favorites. It calls for livin’ la vida without exploiting the planet’s resources. This superyacht could very well be the game changer that will become a symbol of not letting go of luxury at the expense of sustainable living.

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