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Meet the Purest, Lightest, and Most Driver-Centric Supercar ever: The T.50 by Gordon Murray!


For the first time, Gordon Murray Automotive has unveiled the T.50 supercar in full. The T.50 has been engineered to be the purest, lightest, most driver-centric supercar ever. It is valued at £2.36 million before taxes (approx. Rs 23.13 crore) and is limited to just 100 units and will deliver the first production unit in January 2022.

Gordon Murray Latest Car - Exhibit Magazine Online

Image Courtesy: Gordon Murray

The T.50 supercar is also Gordon Murray’s fiftieth design he penned down in his 50-year career, which also appears to be the inspiration for the supercar’s christening.

The T.50 exterior design’s most prominent qualities are its purity and balance, free from the wings, skirts, and vents that adorn most modern-day supercars. The clean surfaces are enabled by the most advanced and effective aerodynamics ever seen on a road car, resulting in deliberately simple, beautiful lines and a timeless look. The silhouette’s purity is broken dramatically when the pair of dihedral doors rise up and forwards, coming to rest high above the passenger cabin.

Gordon Murray Latest Car - Exhibit Magazine Online

Image Courtesy: Gordon Murray

Inside, the driver-centric approach is plain to see – from the central, jet fighter-like driving position, to the aerospace-grade primary and secondary controls arranged in an ‘ergonomic bubble’ around the driver. 

Image Courtesy: Gordon Murray

Material quality, utmost detail, and visual simplicity define the whole car, but nowhere is this more evident than inside the cockpit.

Gordon Murray Latest Car - Exhibit Magazine India

Image Courtesy: Gordon Murray

From the record-breaking V12 engine, and the best lightweight transmission, to the world-first aerodynamic package and the feather-light titanium throttle pedal, every component is 100 percent tailored and manufactured by a British company leading in its sector.

It is powered by a 3994cc engine. The 3.9-litre T.50 engine delivers maximum power (663PS) at 11,500rpm, on its way to a 12,100rpm redline. The Cosworth GMA V12 not only promises screaming high-end power, but it is also extremely tractable for everyday driving. The maximum torque figure of 467Nm is produced at 9,000rpm, while the pick-up is a record-breaking 28,400 revs per second.

The T.50 has the highest power density (166PS-per-litre) of any road-going V12. It is also the lightest ever made thanks to a combination of exceptional design and lightweight materials (aluminium, steel, and titanium) resulting in a total engine weight of just 178kg. The supercar weighs around 986kg,

Gordon Murray Latest Car - Exhibit Magazine

Image Courtesy: Gordon Murray

Each T.50 customer has the chance to meet Murray to analyze and personalize their car inside and outside. Much of this procedure involves a ‘fitting’ session of the seat, steering wheel, and pedals – personalized by each owner – that will ensure that the T.50 is ergonomically perfect and individualized for each discerning customer.

Murray said: “Just 100 customers will share my vision, a car created to improve on the F1 formula in every conceivable way. With 30 years of technological and systems advancement, now, the time is right to design the greatest analogue driver’s car. I believe no other company could deliver what we will bring to market in 2022, producing this British supercar will be my proudest moment.”


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