A small pledge to donate your device can make all the difference.
Families that share a single device under one roof or among multiple family members or don't have access to any devices at all can be empowered, educated and made more comfortable in their own homes. We at Exhibit are taking this initiative with NGOs and Government bodies to make this happen to needy families across India. Your gadget(s) will be redistributed to less privileged families in your own city to help them stay connected to our world better. Your device can be new or what you have used before can have scratches, not the latest model or be chipped but has to be in working condition which serves the purpose. Treat them with dignity and don't donate junk. Lots of efforts of thousands of volunteers will be involved right from picking up, sanitizing to distribution. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, earphones, and headphones only. Once You have pledged do a factory reset and delete your data, We will reach out to you separately for this.



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April Issue 2021

15th May | Saturday