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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

The “iPad Pro killer” title is always thrown around every time a new android tablet launches on the market. However, with the recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, I genuinely feel that iPad Pro has some serious competition.
Samsung started the year with the Galaxy S21 series, the F62 and now the Tab S7.
The Samsung Tab S7 and S7+, the latter being slightly bigger with additional features, are two of the best tablets for productivity on the market. That’s a powerful statement because tablets have always been in limbo when it comes to a defined usage. If people want portability, they buy a phone; they buy a laptop if they want more power. But the gap between the smartphone and the laptop is closing quite rapidly.
We saw it with the launch of iPad OS, which enabled PC like functionalities in the Apple tablet. And now, with the launch of Tab S7, I feel comfortable recommending this tablet as your only device. Here’s why.

Solid Built And Superb Functionality

Starting with the specs, my Samsung Tab S7 came with powerful internals. It features 6 GB RAM 128 Gb storage, Snapdragon 865+ SoC, a 1080p main lens, dual rear camera setup, an 8,000 mAh battery and finally, a super smooth 11″ 120Hz screen.
The Tab S7+ comes with a bigger 12″ screen, an OLED display, and a bigger battery. Overall, both these tablets are a great package in terms of specs.
The biggest update comes in the form of the 120Hz display. It works really well in reducing any lag or delay whenever I am drawing something, taking notes etc. The experience of using the new S-pen with the high refresh rate screen makes this tablet a powerhouse for everyone who wants to use it to draw or create illustrations.
Gaming on this device is also a joyous experience. I played Genshin Impact, Call of Duty and Minecraft on this thing, and all of them ran perfectly. Thanks to the huge battery, there isn’t a huge noticeable drop in the state of charge while gaming. A 45-minute gaming session will drop your battery around 7-8%, which is pretty good.
The 1080p front-facing camera is good for video calls. It is placed on top of the screen in landscape mode, similar to a webcam on a laptop, and it works well. The image can get a little bit grainy if you’re not in a well-lit room; otherwise, the camera performance for video calls is great.
At the back, you have a wide and ultra-wide lens. Both offer picture quality similar to top-spec Galaxy devices. I am using a Samsung S21+, and the pictures from both devices’ main lens look pretty similar.

Can It Replace My Laptop?

With general performance out of the way, it is time to talk about the important stuff. Can the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 replace your laptop? Not yet. You see, Samsung Dex is a powerful feature. It converts the Android UI into a desktop-like environment where you can use a mouse and a keyboard.
You can also multi-task in Samsung Dex with the help of resizable windows. If you use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint regularly, then Samsung Galaxy S7 will make your life so much easier. In Samsung Dex, when combined with the Samsung keyboard and an external mouse, the Tab S7 turns in to an ultra-portable PC. It is still not a full-fledged PC and lacks a few features, but Samsung is on the right path.
From my experience, I thought it was missing the support for Google Extensions like Grammarly, Last-pass etc. If you like to move files around a lot while you work, then Samsung Dex might not be your thing. For the rest of the major computing tasks like browsing, writing, streaming etc., the tablet in Dex mode worked like a charm.
I’d recommend every productivity enthusiasts to give Samsung Dex on the Tab S7 a try because it is seriously the most underrated feature on the market right now.
If you don’t feel like you’ve enough features on the S7 to use as your main device, then I’d recommend holding on for a little bit and waiting for a few more updates of Samsung Dex.
For everyone else looking for a good tablet in the market, I’d suggest you go for Samsung Dex for media consumption and productivity alike.

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