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5 IGTV Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind!

IGTV Hacks

IGTV could as well be called the most underrated features of Instagram. If not underrated, it is definitely the least efficiently used (I mean, why are you reading a IGTV Hacks article otherwise?). There is a lot more to this platform than meets the eye and I am going to tell you exactly how you can make your Instagram reach 10 folds bigger by using these simple IGTV hacks.

Clickable URL Links

So you know we’ve all tried placing a link in the caption of our post and felt like a fool when we realized that the link doesn’t really take you to that external link. Well, this hack is just for you!

External links in the IGTV caption are clickable.

Yup, see what you’ve been missing out all this time. Forget those 10k followers or verified account criteria – use external links on your IGTV caption and redirect your audience to your blog or YouTube channel to engage with them better!

Your Feed Aesthetics Are Safe

I am hoping you know about this one but if you don’t – this one is precious. Instagram allows you to upload an image as a thumbnail for your IGTV videos (unlike the one minute videos where you have to choose the cover of the video from the video itself). Why is this beneficial, you ask?
Well, first things first – your feed’s aesthetics will not go for a toss. 

Secondly, you can upload a high-res image even if you didn’t have equipment to shoot a high-resolution video.

Thirdly, it can definitely act as a HUGE click bait if done right (Things we’ve learnt from YouTube).

Hashtags Go A Long Way

Hashtags have been the main mechanism of multiplying your reach globally across all platforms and IGTV is no exception. While there’s no guarantee that your IGTV will appear for all those hashtags, there is always a chance of it bumping up in people’s Explore page if it’s doing well with your target audience. Here’s a small hashtag strategy that you can use (which will be applicable to posts as well).

Use 2-3 unique hashtags (make it your own, build a brand). The rest of the hashtags (within the 30 limit) can be split between niche-specific hashtags, moderately popular hashtags and very popular hashtags.

Swipe Up – The Best of igtv hacks

For all those creators just starting out, it can be a little hard to see all those accounts with the Swipe up link. Well, IGTV to the rescue! You can now see a link option while putting up a story where you can attach an IGTV video that has already been posted on your feed. 

Why this is cool is because your story will directly get traction to your content.

Secondly, the interface and user experience doesn’t get affected (unlike other external links on Swipe Up stories which open in your Browser).

Upload through Your PC

Strange hack but you have NO idea how helpful this has been to a lot of creators across the world. Firstly, you can avoid the time you take to transfer the edited videos from your laptop to your phone whilst not decreasing the quality of your video. 

You can also use the Creator Studio on Facebook to schedule IGTV videos and also avoid the little lag that you face on the IGTV application.

There you go. Happy IGTV-ing!

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