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Bois Locker Room – The Digital Version of Sexual Abuse?

Bois Locker Room

An Instagram chat group has recently come into light called ‘Bois Locker Room’. It has garnered a lot of attention because of the content of the chats, the almost unbelievable conversations and the rotten mindset of 15/16 year old kids.
What’s so disturbing is the ease with which these conversations happen – with no fear of consequence, with no care of a fellow human being, with no moral conscience – almost like it’s okay to talk down on women, objectify them, talk about raping them and morphing their images for, what? Pleasure? Fun? To be cool?

Social Media, a bane?
Social media is at the forefront of free speech. But is this free speech? Saying vile things about women, degrading underage girls, encouraging sexual assault, is that freedom of speech? It’s time to reevaluate a few things. Social media has had its hands deep rooted when it comes to cyber bullying, trolling, slut shaming, body shaming and now, a digital version of sexual abuse. It’s time to start thinking about things we haven’t been thinking about because things we didn’t ever think about are happening.
The Reactions That Never Fail to Surprise
The reactions that are surfacing are scarring too. ‘They’re kids, let it go. This will spoil their lives”, “All boys have such a group and similar conversations”, “It was a private chat, shouldn’t have been made public”. This is in addition to the boys in question threatening with more rape and violent threats to the girls who took a stand to out them out.
I can’t begin to talk about what’s wrong with this situation.
They’re kids? So are the girls they are talking about who are already in an insecure and vulnerable state of mind. A mistake is a mistake, and each mistake has its consequences.

All boys have such a group and similar conversations? You’re hanging out with the wrong group, bud. This is not that common, it doesn’t happen to every guy and it IS a big deal. (Guess, Rachel was right all along).

It was a private chat and shouldn’t have been made public? Let’s really really not get into the privacy aspect here.

Let’s Dive into the ‘Why?’
While having this conversation and discussion with my family and friends, a lot of things came up – the imprinted mindset in boys and girls alike that begins in school, parenting or thereby the lack of and generations of gender gap. One thing that stood out the most was the abundance of exposure through the internet to all ages possible.
Unlike our generation who understands storytelling and the physical intimacy that comes with it, can you really expect a teenager to understand that? Why were the kids involved here of a certain age group? A brain that is in its early stages of analyzing situations, can it really bring itself to make the right judgement against what he has been taught in the society otherwise or does he become a part of the herd mentality? Don’t you think it’s also time to figure out the root of the problem and do something about that too?

I have a lot of questions that remain unanswered, but one thing I know for sure, action is the need of the hour. If not now, when? Till we have yet another story under the #MeToo banner? I sure as hell hope not.


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