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Bye TikTok, Hello Instagram Reels!

Instagram Reels

TikTok banned. AGAIN? Is 2020 finally bringing in some good to us? No no, I am kidding. This news blew up when last evening the Government of India announced that 59 Chinese apps will be banned including some big players in different industries. One that caught my eye (or basically everyone’s eye), is TikTok.

It’s actually a drastic move which will have multi folds of impact on a lot of people. My immediate questions that popped into my head – What about the employees at these organizations? But more importantly, what about the content creators who have been skyrocketing in the last couple of years on this very platform?

Here’s something that may answer some of those questions – Instagram Reels. If your talent and content is real, it won’t stay platform bound.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are an easy way to make short-length videos (Hi concept of TikTok). This is in direct competition (now, potential alternative) to the formerly available platform. It allows you to record a 15-second clip set to a background music on Instagram. 

Where Has It Rolled Out?

Instagram Reels was first tried and tested in Brazil (Brazil is also the first country to have had the WhatsApp Pay rollout which was consequently banned – seems like it is Mark Zuckerberg’s favourite territory to experiment with). The feature is now looking out to have an official roll out in Germany and France.

Opinion alert: With the ban of TikTok along with 88 million active Instagram users, India is and should be the next target for Instagram Reels. It’s a dormant volcano waiting (and wanting) to erupt.

Why was Instagram Reels Launched?

It is an obvious answer honestly – the fear of dominance of TikTok. There were 665 million TikTok downloads in 2019, a figure that was coming fairly close to Instagram’s downloads. Instagram aims to tap into its existing user base and give them a source of entertainment in-built right there.

How can you use ‘em?

Instagram Reels were initially only shareable on stories. But the Instagram community stated that there will be a dedicated place in the feeds and profiles’ of users to help this format of content stick.

There are additional tools to ease video editing – like timed captions so words appear in certain scenes, and a ghost overlay option for lining up transitions so they look fluid. This doesn’t reach up to the level that TikTok offers to its users but I guess, we’ll have to wait and watch.

Okay, Listen

To all the TikTok content creators who are struggling now waiting to see how this unfolds – I have one thing to say: This is the challenge you all have been waiting for. Your potential will out do anything that went down with TikTok. Once a content creator, always a content creator. Like I said, talent is not platform bound. Neither are TikTok alternatives. There’s more in store for you. While you are experimenting, do try out – Facebook Lassos and YouTube


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