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Instagram documenting the style of social media

A lot went on to Instagram within the past four years from adding Instagram Stories, launching a vertical video with IGTV and tons of business functionality. They also passed the 1 billion user mark in June 2018 meaning that they’re now the third largest social network within the world, behind Facebook and YouTube. Of course, this growth and development are due in large part to their ownership by Facebook, which has changed the independent app into a funded, revenue-generating asset.

It is amazing to see the proportion Instagram has changed the way social media works. In eight short years, it’s brought many inventions forward that haven’t only changed social media platforms, but also user behaviour. Here are five ways in which Instagram has changed the social media game. The concept of self-branding is prevalent in society today thanks to the emergence and growth of varied social media platforms. This new digital media environment has empowered especially women to plug themselves as brands. 

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  • Personal Branding and Brand Personalities

It won’t be that folks had personalities and corporations had brands because of the success of private branding on platforms like Instagram, this has now changed. The ability for users to interact with a brand in an equivalent way they interact with an individual means brands essentially must have a personality also.

Nowhere is that this more obvious than on Instagram, where brands display visual representations of who they’re. Using clever captions, and content which will go viral, it’s crucial today that brands got to do quite hawk their wares on social media.

Although it’s an employee of the business who is writing the comments and liking posts, it appears as if the brand is doing this. If you check out brands like Netflix or Glossier, these brands have created personalities that go alongside their brand.

  • Shorter Attention Spans and Bite-Size Content

When Facebook first launched the news feed 2006, it had been a weird novelty. You would suddenly see lifestyle updates from everyone you knew, beat one place. At first, this was very engaging and entertaining. Yet, over time as more people added posts, it became overwhelming and therefore the ability to focus was harder.

Instagram was really at the forefront of adopting the bite-size content trend. Beautifully filtered photos made for perfect eye-candy without an enormous time commitment. This same sort of posting has come to dominate other platforms today.

  • Images and Videos are dominant

Thanks to the magic of photo filtering, which was Instagram’s first big innovation, the planet now wants to ascertain what we are up to. albeit words are crucial for SEO, the engagement levels of photos and videos can’t be denied. As Instagram has incorporated short-form video and now stories into their platform, this has grown even more.

If a corporation wants to thrive within the current market, you want to incorporate visual imagery. Video posts are the foremost engaging, so if your business has the time and budget to try to video, it’s well worth considering.

  • An area to get and connect

Perhaps one among the foremost surprising aspects of Instagram is that a lot of people use it to satisfy new people. Through interests and hashtags, it’s easy to get like-minded people and makes who can then be followed. Often these new connections that are started randomly can blossom into connections and sales.

This is a different focus than Facebook, which was built around real-world social structures. It creates a special attitude on Instagram, hence the increase of Instagram Influencers and celebrity accounts. In some respects, a well run Instagram profile can perform better than an internet site can for engagement together with your audience.

  • A mixture of private and commercial

Most social media today may be a mixture of both personal connections and businesses. The way that Instagram has implemented advertising has not tarnished the brand an excessive amount of. People have above-average engagement levels with promoted posts (especially when compared to Facebook and Twitter).

This is what has made Instagram so engaging while also useful for advertisers seeking a replacement audience. it’s estimated that over 80% of Instagram users now follow a business also as personal and celebrity profiles.

What does the longer-term hold for Instagram?

It’s clear that Instagram has had an enormous impact in its short lifetime. With the departure last week of the first founders of Instagram, this is often a stimulating time for the corporate. there’s currently tons of brand name trust in Instagram, however, with the founders moving on, the large question is what is going to become of Instagram within the years ahead?

Will the corporate be ready to still flourish under new leadership, with attention on engaging users for ad revenue? Or will it begin to flounder and lose its ‘cool’ image because it becomes just another Facebook-owned product?

As with all things social media, only time will tell. Innovation always leaves behind those that can’t capture the present zeitgeist except for now, as Instagram reigns supreme, it’s important to stay on top of the trends and innovations it’s created.

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