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Facebook Employees’ Virtual Walkout on Mark Zuckerberg

Virtual Walkout

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A recent case of repulsive racism that came to light was that of George Floyd where he was a victim of police brutality in the state of Minneapolis. Hundreds took to the road, even amidst the pandemic, to protest against the injustice of black men and the inhuman discrimination they’ve been facing for decade.

But one thing we know with as much certainty as the prevailing injustice is that the President of the United States of America will definitely have something to say. As a response, he put out a tweet that went out stating;

While Twitter took a step to limit the visibility of the tweet to the public stating that it violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence.

To this, surprisingly, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, did not take an action to censor the same post on the platform. He backed his decision by saying that “people need to know if the government is planning to deploy force.”

This stand was not taken very well by the employees of the organization and many of them openly criticized this decision taken by Zuckerberg. The common notion and sentiment being that Trump’s post directly incites violence which is not what the company or they themselves individually stand for.
Even if what Trump was standing up for the right thing, his approach of striking down violence with violence was not welcomed.

This has created an unrest between employees and the top management of Facebook. This in turn resulted in the employees participating in a virtual walkout on Monday. As a part of this walkout, the employees took a day off in order to support these protests in their best possible capacity.

More than a dozen employees spoke up on Twitter, denouncing Mark Zuckerberg’s stance on the issue. The company was asked to not take any actions and rather accept the opinions of the employees as this is an issue that goes beyond business and into the personal aspect of an individual’s life.

Following this lash back, Mark Zuckerberg on Sunday, announced a $10 billion donation to racial-justice organizations.
Where that will lead and how it will help, we’ll have to wait and watch.

OPINION on the virtual walkout

To everyone in power, it’s extremely important to be able to convey what you want to. Words need to not be ambiguous. There are people who follow you blindly and there are people who question and criticize your every move. Your stand has to have a wholesome perspective. Reacting in emotion is where the mass protests stem from and hence it becomes equally important for the government to lead the path by implementing practical solutions taking in the factor formerly stated.

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