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Is Social Media Anxiety A Real Thing?

Social Media Anxiety

Hey millennials, what’s up? There is a 90% chance you’re reading this on your phone and not the print magazine because let’s admit it, we are absolutely 100 percent addicted to our phones. Nope, don’t try to tell me otherwise, I will not believe it. But begin by asking the right questions. Why are we so addicted? Heard that voice in your head scream INSTAGRAM!? If yes, raise your hands! No no, not really but know that you’re not alone. Enough laughs, I am now going to take you to the dark side. I mean, you’re probably already there, I am just going to come meet you and maybe at the end of this, you’d find a way out. 

A common term that has come about in context with the ‘millennials’ is Social Media Anxiety. I mean, if only there weren’t enough reasons to cause anxiety already, bring it on social media. SMA can actually be a byproduct of various things. It could either be the anxiety you feel when you are away from these social media platforms, even if it’s for a short time. Imagine this, you have to board an international flight and even though you’re super excited for your mini vacation, you’re dreading the flight. Because there is no internet! And the only way to deal with that discomfort is sleep, so you decide to doze off. If you related to this, take a moment to realize that this is not healthy.

Social media anxiety can also stem from something known as Social Comparison Theory which is when you start comparing and evaluating your self worth based on how other people are living their lives. Go back to all the mornings you woke up checking your phone and seeing stories of your friends in Thailand, or going for parties or buying a new car. It all adds up to feelings of dissatisfaction, guilt and low self-regard. You know I’m right so believe me when I say one more thing – it is NOT healthy.

Another common reason for social media anxiety is not getting enough likes or comments on your pictures. The need for validation and approval of self is leading to a mass destruction – but only inside your head.

What should you do, you ask? Let me tell you a few things that helped me. Stop checking your phone first day in the morning and stop checking your phone last thing at night. It only causes you to sleep and wake up with negative thoughts and changing this tiny habit will definitely turn that around. Keep taking small breaks from social media – detox in this aspect is as necessary as anywhere else. Social media is just another necessary evil in the lives of millennials. If we can keep the evil at bay, it has insane positives. Don’t let something that is supposed to be virtual turn into reality because well, #YOLO!

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