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I had a tough time arising with a micro-population I’d be a neighbourhood of. Maybe others would categorize me during a certain ‘group’ when watching my clothes or behaviour, but since I don’t purposely attempt to belong to something I might not know what that would be. Therefore I chose to specialise in a micro-population that I don’t necessarily belong to myself, but do share some interests with when it involves my music taste, I  prefer Hip Hop, R&B and Rap.

What is the Rap culture?

Hip Hop is defined within the following way by the Urban Dictionary: ‘Hip Hop may be a social-political movement created within the late ‘70s. Hip Hop may be a culture to offer people that grew up within the ghetto a voice, songs in hip hop are speaking from personal experience. Songs are usually mixed with other genres of music like rock and classical (piano), or with record players and scratchers. breakdance and Graffiti are additionally apart of hip hop as how to precise the people apart of the cultures selves, Freestyling is additionally a serious a part of hip hop alongside rap battles.


This definition gives us some vital characteristics of hip hop music that probably crop up to all or any folks once we consider hip hop; scratchers, breakdance, graffiti, freestyling and rap battles. However, the thing that stood bent me is that hip hop is regarded to be a ‘social-political movement’, and thus hip hop music is merely a bit of the puzzle here. It appears that hip hop truly is quite simply the music that I hear.

Hip hop music, and particularly rap

However, I think this lifestyle has changed. One among the explanations for this is often that hip hop music, and particularly rap, has become huge within the past few years. Dutch rap is now extremely popular, mostly among teenagers within the age of 12 to 23 years. This group includes an excellent sort of people; black, white, male, female, rich, poor. Hip-hop does not belong to the poor Afro-Americans. it’s now popular worldwide, listened to by the poor also because of the richer population, and therefore the hip hop artists earn huge through their music. Therefore, the group of individuals that produces and listens to hip hop and rap has changed, then the hip hop/rap culture and lifestyle has become different also.


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Hip-hop music itself has changed too within the past 40 years, and not all hip hop fans agree that this alteration has been a positive one. An example of this is often the subsequent comment that somebody left on a hip hop forum, giving a solution to the question of whether old-school or new-school hip hop was better


Call me old school but I feel that old fashioned rap is raw and real. Back when people didn’t have to auto-tune, intricate mixing devices, and sonic control, people rapped for the sake of rapping and emphasized expressing their emotions through words. Rappers weren’t too way back right down to Earth, and contemplative in terms of writing their rhymes and searching to form their music as effective as possible, as they looked bent audiences for support. The thing that I dislike about new school rap, is that it’s very generic. I liked the very fact that every OG rapper represented a particular part of a rustic or city. That’s what made the music so damn beautiful. Rappers would learn from one another, which made their sort of rapping more eclectic than invariable.


Out of this comment, we will structure that today’s rappers aren’t iconic anymore the rationale might be that the rappers that are well-known earn pile with it nowadays, and in their music, they prefer to rap about money fairly often, too. Lyrics that specialise in earning money and getting rich seems to talk to tons of children – especially young males, also as about drugs, sex and ‘bitches’. These topics are often addressed through hip hop music.


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The lyrics themselves tell us what it takes to measure consistent with the hip hop lifestyle; get rich, smoke weed, drink alcohol, attend parties and roll in the hay. However, I don’t believe tons of rappers live up to the present quite extreme lifestyle. We all know youngsters wish to attend clubs, drink and use drugs, but it’s quite obvious that it’s impossible to measure like this a day (at least it’s if you’re not a particularly rich rapper). Still, I feel the life-style that’s lived and rapped about by popular hip hop artists like Tory Lanez, Wiz Khalifa and Future sets an example to any fan.


Fashion and clothing form a crucial aspect of rap culture. It makes rappers recognizable to the surface world and fellow rappers. We’re probably all conversant in the old fashion-stereotype for rappers: baggy skater jeans, oversized t-shirts, caps (worn backwards), bandanas and golden necklaces. this is often not completely accurate anymore since within the past twenty years fashion has changed then has the clothing style we understand as hip hop clothing. Nevertheless, it’s remained an equivalent in some ways.
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