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Trending Challenges on Instagram – The Lockdown Edition

Instagram Challenges

Gone are the days when you used to cringe at these challenges that went viral on social media. Gone are those days because we are all stuck at home and have nothing else to do than to engage in these challenges that keep us busy. The Dalgona coffee was one of the first to break out (I didn’t go for it because I was still stuck in my cringe phase and also hot fitti hui coffee ftw!) but, eventually and finally, I feel like everyone (including moi) did get trapped in one challenge or another. And that’s okay boys and girls, this quarantine we have only one saviour – Trending challenges on Instagram!

  • Guess The Gibberish
    This is the latest trend that’s taken Instagram by a storm and if I am being honest, it has also become a daily night routine for my friends and I. From Charlie Puth to Anushka Sharma (with Virat Kohli killing it in the background), almost all celebrities and influencers have fallen prey to this. Oh and Instagram has its savage moments like when the answer to the gibberish was ‘Snapchat Filter’ but the answer that showed was ‘Instagram filters are better’. I mean, BURN!
  • Don’t Rush Challenge
    If you have been one of those who wished they could get ready at the flick of a brush, well your wishes have come true!! Okay, not exactly but you can make it seem like it. This challenge, to say the lease, has gone viral worldwide. From the Pakistan Women team to the Emirates cabin crew, the switch is kind of a reminder of days when dressing up was a thing. The best part about this challenge is its multiple versions and Indian influencers have definitely stepped up big time. From the ‘Kudi Nu Nachne De’ version to the ‘Pass the Pocha’ rendition, it’s all been super fun!


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  • Hand Emoji Challenge
    Alright, da, da da-da-da-da. If you couldn’t say that aloud without singing it in tune, you know you’ve caught the Instagram challenge fever. The emoji dance started on TikTok, and of course went on to set a fire on Instagram. Nobody was left behind, not even the Jonas brothers!


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Nailed it.

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Bingo Templates
This was right there with the Dalgona coffee when the lockdown began but unlike the former, nobody seems to have gotten tired of this. Moreover, these bingo challenges have become more creative – they’ve ranged from the obvious quarantine bingo to school-specific bingos. The challenge is not only fun but also in a way helps you get to know your friends better. An extension to this was also the This or That template and to say I got senti during my Travel Bingo, is an understatement. Here, you can try this one out!

  • Pillow Challenge
    What according to you is your most comfortable go-to clothing? Whatever it is, this challenge one up-ed you big time. It’s time to bring out the lazy fashionista in you – all you have to do is get dolled up in your favourite fluffy, cozy pillows (My eyes have already started drooping thinking about my night pillows). What a way to tackle boredom, no?


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😂😂😂 #pillowchallenge #karlieandkay

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