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What Good Does IGTV Monetization Bring To The Table?

IGTV Monetization

IGTV Monetization – Upcoming Social Media Trends

Content is the King. Digital is the future. Can’t really rebuttal these two statements, can we?
And now, social media platforms are catching on.

YouTube was among the first (and is also the leading) platform to have begun monetization which would in turn facilitate more and more content creators. The monetary aspect gives an obvious boost to the number of users of YouTube.

112.5 million active users, did you really think Instagram would not enter this game? 

In plans to execute a monetary structure for its long video format, IGTV, Instagram will share the revenue with creators through ads that will play in between the IGTV videos (or in-stream ads as they are popularly known). This is also in turn expected to raise the quality of content on Instagram to grab on the incentive of some money making.

The revenue sharing model is based on the Facebook Watch model which allows a 55 percent cut with creators as suggested by the COO of Instagram, Justin Osofsky. 

As all its new features, this feature is also available to a select few, in order to gauge audience reaction and sentiment. The sample testing has worked well in case of Instagram story features gaining a lot more traction and usage eventually.

IGTV with the introduction of advertisements will be in direct competition with YouTube (which is currently monopolizing this market). Hence, to find middle ground in between freedom of speech and inappropriate content is going to be challenging. 

There are apprehensions that it will take until 2021 for IGTV Monetization to efficiently kickoff across the platform globally.

Why IGTV Monetization might just have an upper hand on YouTube 
  1. Low production cost for IGTV Videos
  2. The transition of users from YouTube searches to Instagram Explore
  3. User friendly (Links to IGTV will open in the Instagram interface in contrast with external YouTube links that open in browser)
  4. Ask yourself, which social media do you spend more time on?
  5. If the lockdown has taught us something is to not be afraid to try something new. Bring it on Instagram!
Other Than IGTV Monetization
  • Digital Badges:
    These badges will appear and can be purchased during a live session with a content creator. This is a way for the audience to support their favorite creators which will also benefit them to have their comments highlighted. 
  • Instagram Shops
    Instagram (along with Facebook) opened up Instagram Shops to provide an e-commerce platform for small Instagram bred businesses, especially during the pandemic.Also Read:
    The New E-Commerce Giant in town – Facebook Shops

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