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Work From Home

Working from home sounds really easy. You don’t have to travel, worry about getting up too early in the morning and you can even lie on your bed and do work on your laptop. However, it’s not that simple.

Working from home come with its own degree of challenges ranging from keeping your pet from disturbing you to listening to your mom or spouse every time they call you to do something. All of these things tend to break your focus and on top of that, if you’ve improper tools for the job, you’re bound to dread working from home even more. 

But don’t lose hope just yet, we have a comprehensive plan to set up your office in your home. So you can work without distractions and also find time to relax when the day ends. 

Get Proper Tools

Work From Home

The most important thing that can make working from home a delight is a good PC or laptop. Both have their pros and cons and you might understand better which one would suit you more. Personally, I’d recommend a desktop if your workflow involves a lot of graphics, editing and visual elements. But if you want power and mobility then you can check out the ROG Scar Strix 15 gaming laptop for the ultimate performance. 

People who want a thin-light ultrabook for all their workloads can go with either an HP Envy 15, Dell XPS 15 or Lenovo Yoga 7i. Getting these tools is crucial so you can get your work done faster and have a totally chill moment while doing so. 

The next tool that you need in your home office should be a desk. Don’t try to work from your bed, even though it sounds tempting. As it’ll only take longer to finish the same task. Try to arrange your desk near a window so instead of turning on a YouTube video, every time you’re bored, you can open up the drapes and mesmerise in the calmness of nature. 

It goes without saying but try to isolate yourself in a single room. If you don’t have a whole empty room in your house then isolate a corner for yourself. Keep all your office essentials close by so you don’t have to run around the house to get them.

Set Boundaries

Work From Home

You’re working from home but you’re still at home. It means that your spouse, mom, father, or pet can look at you and think that you’re available. Setting a boundary, in this particular case, requires moderation. You cannot be totally unavailable to your family members of all shapes and sizes but you can’t get up after every 5 minutes from your chair to help them out. 

The key here is to take small brakes. Normally, getting work done is faster when you’re doing it from home. So after an hour or so, try to take a 20-25 minutes break. During that time, keep your work aside and just focus on every other task around the house. Be it walking your pet, helping your family members, etc. 

Furthermore, gently let everyone in your family know the hours you’ll be working and when you won’t be. It makes it easy for all of them to ask for your help only when you’re free from your work. Always remember that spending time with your family is the utmost important thing so finish your duties before you indulge with them. 

Set A Schedule

Work From Home

Due to the absence of travelling, gossiping at the office, and just chit chat in general. You’ve extra time to get stuff done. Now, the question arises, “what should one do with this extra time?” The best thing you can do here is to stick to your office schedule. It might seem that you can pack a lot of stuff into a similar time frame but you can’t. 

For example, if you used to begin your work from 10:00 AM then get ready to work at the same time from your home. If you do have extra time do some meditation, walk a little bit, or anything else physically productive. So you’re mentally in a good shape when the work begins. 

Furthermore, if you left work at 6:00 PM sharp then try to get done with the office work at the same time. Working from home is not a race, it’s a marathon and you’ve to take into account your schedule for the next day and the day after that. 

So, at the end of the day, get up from your desk and do your chores. 

Take Fun Seriously

During regular office hours, it was the duty of the HR to organise a bunch of activities to keep everything in the office energetic. However, when you’re working all by yourself, an endless onslaught of online meetings can drain the creative life out of you. 

This is why I recommend indulging in your hobby regularly to keep your mind sharp. If you don’t have a hobby yet, try finding one as the work from the home situation will last longer than any one of us can expect. 

Whenever you take regular breaks and are done with the stuff around the house, try engaging in your hobby. Be it learning guitar, playing video games, or doing pushups. 

Working from home gives you this amazing opportunity of working and having fun at the same time. Earlier you weren’t able to squat in your office but you can do so in between breaks in the comfort of your home. Furthermore, science has shown that an intense 20-minute workout has the potential to get all the creative juices in your body flowing. 

Last but not the least, always remember that your health is paramount. You do your job for a living and not in order to live. If you see signs of fatigue or any other emotional/physical stress. Take time off, consult with your doctor and follow their advice. 

Working from home is just one part of your life, not your entire life. So remember to live each moment with gratitude and enjoy your tea, one slow sip at a time

Assistant Editor at Exhibit Magazine. A tech and auto journalist who likes to reverse engineer anything he can get his hands on. He writes about everything technical under the sun, ranging from smartphones and laptops to micro-controllers in Tesla batteries.

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