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7 Binge-worthy Netflix Shows You Must Watch Now!

Netflix Shows

If there is one thing we all need right now to get through Lockdown 3.0, is a list of good, gripping and fun Netflix shows that can keep us company while our friends can’t. (Well, FRIENDS can but I am not including that on the list because I have happily assumed that you’ve already watched it – multiple times. If not, stop reading this right now. No, I mean it. Go, log onto your Netflix account and watch it NOW!). For the rest of you, here are a few shows that I couldn’t get enough of and devoured the entire thing in one sitting for which I’m extremely infamous in my mother’s eyes.

  • Money Heist

    You must have heard the buzz (unless you’re living under a rock), and I am here to tell you that it’s totally, 100% worth it. I was basically a zombie by the end of the 4-season run (Used my organization skill to finish the third season one day before the release of the 4th season and then finished the 4th season in a day!), but a happy zombie indeed. The Netflix show has strong, unpredictable characters in the forefront which makes this exactly the kind of show you want to see in these uncertain times. A money heist turns into something bigger with real time problems, deadlines, consequences and well, skyrocketing emotions. The only reason to not watch it is because I have no idea when we’d be able to view the 5th season.
    Personal binge record time: 5 days

  • Unorthodox

    Unorthodox is a mini-series about a Hasidic Jewish woman, Esty, who flees her home in Brookly to get away from the conservative hold of the community. This was my first peek at the Jewish community – its customs, culture and practices. While exploring this new space, I experienced a fresh bout of independence, feminism and a rejection of an orthodox community’s orthodox norms. It is based off a book, Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots by Deborah Feldman, to which it does justice, at least the first season in.
    Personal binge record time: 1 day

  • Sex Education

    I started watching this show purely under peer pressure and I have to say, my friends have really good taste. This show directly targets the issue of sex education which is ironically never been a subject that’s been targeted. The Netflix show is placed in the highest order of sexually active high school students and touches ground on various important topics like sexual orientation, masturbation, sexual relationships and problems faced and of course, sex education. The protagonist, Otis doesn’t have much experience in the department himself but does have a knack for giving some good advice and counselling (thanks to his mother, who is a professional sex therapist).
    Personal binge record time: 3 days

  • Atypical

    Atypical is a show that has Sam, a teenager with autism, at its helm. The Netflix show revolves around his journey of doing things like ‘regular’ kids – attending school, falling in love, having sex and going to college. It keeps you engrossed because of how real each story line is. I personally love it because it gives you an insight into a life that will always be foreign to you, it talks about how families all you need to keep it together sometimes and that everyone has something that makes them unique. And that’s worth taking a chance on.
    Personal binge record time: 4 days

  • Narcos

    How often do shows get you to feel for the bad guy? Not that often and this show definitely falls in that rare percentage. Pablo Escobar, heard of him I’m assuming? Narcos is about the rise of cocaine trading and the journey of Pablo from nothing to being one of the most wanted men in the world. The show is as addictive as the substance in the epicenter of its story. I have to be honest, I did stop watching after the first two seasons (you’ll know why!), but if you do end up watching the rest, drop down a comment below and tell me if I should give it a shot too!
    Personal binge record time: 9 days (Back in the non lockdown days!)

  • End of The Fucking World

    If I had to describe this show in one word, it has to be off-beat. Speaking of off-beat, it shouldn’t be a surprise when I tell you that the two leads of the show are 17-year old teenagers, James and Alyssa. James, who believes himself to be a psychopath, decides to step it up from killing animals to killing an actual living human which is when he finds Alyssa. Alyssa is an unusual girl in herself as she finds it extremely hard to fit in and embarks on her own journey to find her estranged father. Together, they are just a recipe for disaster (violent and otherwise) but end up having a good time anyway.
    Personal binge record time: 3 days

  • Stranger Things

    If you don’t get chills at the sound of the introduction tune 3 episodes into the show, you’re watching it wrong. It is unusual for a show to portray a complex plot through the eyes of a bunch of children and not tread on the edge of being ‘lame’. A sci-fi show at its best, the show has a female protagonist, Eleven, who is the key to ending the strange things that are happening in the town of Hawkins. Few things I’ll assure you of – you’ll be hooked from the first episode, you will be at the edge of your seat the entire time, you will be intrigued and completely invested throughout the binge sesh!
    Personal binge record time: 4 days

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