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The Bizarre Adventures of Rick and Morty and Why Everyone Loves Them

Rick and Morty
Credits: Adult Swim

At a time where all I could do was dream of going on an adventure with myself to a land far far away, I still didn’t dream far enough. Thanks to Rick and Morty, I know that now. What started out as succumbing to a recommendation, turned out to be one of my favourite shows. 

For those who have already seen it and are left with their minds blown with every episode thinking about HOW anyone could think of multiple parallel and nonparallel worlds, well, please welcome me to the group. To all the ones who haven’t yet seen it, let’s just say, we are ready to welcome you with open arms.

WHAT IS rick and morty

Rick and Morty is an animated sci-fi sitcom on Netflix created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, which goes way beyond today’s time. It’s an adventure series that takes you through new realms of inter-dimensional travel to explore different realities right in the comfort of your home. The humor in the show sways from dark to family and back to dark but laughs are definitely guaranteed.

who are rick and morty

To give you an overall but precise brief, Rick is the crazy drunk scientist dude (emphasis on the crazy, and also on the drunk) and Morty is the reflection of all our insecurities (with rare moments of victory) that we all have as teenagers. 

The story line begins when Rick, Beth’s father, shows up in her life out of nowhere and doesn’t seem to have any plans to leave soon. He sets up his den in the garage and that’s exactly where all the Rick and Morty’s rick-sy, rick-all, rick-diculous, nerve rick-ng adventures begin (You’ll know where I got these terms from once you start watching!)

There’s just the right amount of family drama with Beth’s useless husband (genuinely don’t know any other word to describe him) and Summer, Morty’s sister who is a yet another 17-year old dealing with all that teenage-y things.

All of them have been a part of Rick’s crazy adventures but Morty has been Rick’s constant (Cue ‘awww’. Well, only till you learn the truth)

Fun fact – The show actually began as an animated parody of the 1985 cult classic, Back to the Future (i.e., Doc and Marty/Rick and Morty).

why i am officially a fan

Apart from the insanely creative name of each and every episode, Rick and Morty was an exciting surprise for me. I know I have already said it, but I was genuinely just blown away by the genius involved in making this show. It doesn’t just tread on humor but also teleports you into surreal worlds that are all twisted in their own way. The show puts you in a thought-provoking zone – from how science could be the ultimate savior of humankind but could also suck out the very thing that makes us human – emotion.

All I can say is, I would 10/10 recommend you to watch Rick and Morty. Here are a few reasons to push you to watch it, if I haven’t already.

  1. You only need to invest 20 minutes (that’s the length of one episode) to get completely sucked into this crazy world.
  2. It’s the closest you’ll get to traveling in today’s times.
  3. New episodes from season 4 are queued up so you know there will be more episodes to look forward to after you’re done binging.
  4. You’re in a lockdown, I mean, take all the recommendations you can.

And that should be more than enough.

Oh, and lastly!

Personal Binge Record: 5 days
(I did  let myself down a little but the work load was enormous and okay, I will not give more excuses)

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