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In Conversation With Sony Interview

Sony is a global giant and its technical prowess is one of the best in the world. The brand dominated in multiple domains like cameras, gaming, consumer electronics, movie production etc. With such a diverse and strong portfolio it is imaginable that what Sony does, they strive for nothing less than perfection. Their latest product Sony SRS XB13 EXTRA BASS, a wireless, Bluetooth and waterproof speaker launches today and we have Mr Gyanendra Singh, Head of Audio, Sony India discussing their strategy for the same.

Can you explain how the personal audio segment has emerged post the COVID-19 extended lockdown?

In the personal audio segment, Work from Home (WFH), Learn from Home (LFH) and Workout at Home, all these phenomena have given further impetus to the already strong demand for headphones.

In addition, in the same household, many people are involved in such activities and their need for personal space has also led to a spike in sales of Active Noise Cancellation devices. So, more and more consumers are looking for good quality Active Noise Cancellation headphones and earphones. The sale for the Truly Wireless Earbuds has also been very strong.

Bluetooth speakers, the versatile device, is also finding favour amongst a lot of consumers for varied usage during the lockdown.

Do you think work from home is more productive or is the office still the best place to generate ideas?

The jury is still out there on the productivity part, but there is no substitute to interacting with your colleagues and business associates face-to-face but surely the work-life balance is maintained while working from home.

Work from home as obviously increased requirement for audio products, how is Sony satisfying this demand?

Work from home (WFH) and learn from home (LFH) scenario has pushed the consumer into greater usage of audio products. Given Sony’s unique position, we are able to provide a wide range of products to our consumers to cater to their requirements. From the active noise cancellation enabled 1000X series which provides users with personal space to truly wireless earbuds from music to work out, we have products to cover a wide variety of usage.

Sony’s new product, the SRS-XB13 wireless speaker, looks really good, what more can you tell us about its features?

SRS-XB13 has a very compelling proposition and we expect youngsters will go for SRS-XB13 because of its great sound quality, portability (Multiway strap) and it can be your companion for outdoor and poolside (Dustproof & Waterproof). The SRS-XB13 is better balanced than its predecessor by delivering surround sound with a sound diffusion processor and Our focus on the mid-range that makes vocals very easy to hear, and a great wallop of bass for a speaker of its size.

Your product is launching on World Music Day, is there anything special planned for the same?

Yes, SRS-XB13 MRP is Rs. 4,990/ and it is being offered at the best buy price of Rs 3,990/-

Has the pandemic changed marketing forever? Has the digital share of marketing increased its footprint permanently?

Yes, the digital share of marketing has increased its footprint permanently because that is where the consumer is spending a greater amount of time. Naturally, in order to communicate with the consumer even our communication in marketing is witnessing an increased share of spend in the online space. Surely, this trend would continue.

Any inside scoop on what Sony Audio is working on moving forward in 2021?

We would be coming with some exciting new products for our consumers in various audio categories.

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    Sony Waterproof Speaker SRS XB13 EXTRA BASS Launched On World Music Day

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