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Exhibit: You are an award-winning, globally popular DJ and it’s only just started! Tell us about your journey and how it feels to have such popularity.
Lost Frequencies: It feels great but I don’t measure success by popularity. I’m very grateful that my music is being so well-received and has led me to play at so many amazing events and festivals all around the world – I hope my journey continues on!

Exhibit: What’s tour life like?
Lost Frequencies: Fun and tiring! I’m still only young and travelling and seeing all my fans from different cultures is so exciting! I always enjoy the summer months because that means more festivals but I’m also heading out on tour with Don Diablo across the US soon, which is another tour that I cannot wait for. I’ll also be opening up the show at Terminal 5 which is such a historic venue in NYC. The opportunities I’m getting to live out through my music and bring to my fans are what keep me happy.

Exhibit: Describe your style of music.
Lost Frequencies: Positive, chilled, fun, emotive.

Exhibit: What is different in all the places you’ve performed at?
Lost Frequencies: The crowds! In Asia for example, the crowds are a little more reserved but that is because EDM and dance music as a whole are still getting bigger and bigger over there, but in Europe the crowds go crazier and let loose; it is different from club to club and festival-to-festival though. I just like to see everyone having a good time at a Lost Frequencies show, whatever that means to them!

Exhibit: Do you know about the EDM scene in India? Would like to come here on tour?
Lost Frequencies: I have played in India for Sunburn Festival with solo slots and I also toured some really big venues with Martin Garrix not this past winter but the winter before – India is amazing, a lot of great dance music producers are coming from the continent! I can’t wait to come back soon, hopefully with some new music for everyone!

Exhibit: Talk about collaborations: which has been your favourite and whom are you looking to collaborate with?
Lost Frequencies: 
I have enjoyed them all! My latest collaboration with Zonderling was fun because that was the first release on my Found Frequencies label, so I wanted to make sure it had a mixture of both of our styles and a lot of energy! I’d like to collaborate with Flume who is one of my favourite artists; his sound is very unique with all the collaborations he does.

Exhibit: Name your favourite place to perform at.
Lost Frequencies: My home of Belgium! I played on the Tomorrowland mainstage and also hosted my own Lost Frequencies & Friends stage last year once again; there is no other festival like it. Oh and Ibiza is also a favorite in the Summer! It has a magical feel for artists that play there, and for dance music fans it is like the #1 mecca to dance and enjoy the nice weather.

Exhibit: Any firsts when it comes to your favourite performance till date?
Lost Frequencies: 
Again, that would have to be my Tomorrowland debut – it was an amazing, unbelievable experience for me.

Exhibit: Name the best and the worst things about being a DJ.
Lost Frequencies: The best is being your own boss, making music and art that you love and taking that to fans all around the world. But this also means that I am tired, I have jet lag and I miss my friends and family. But overall, it is an amazing experience and career to be able to have, especially at this young age.

Exhibit: Any Lost Frequencies signature that works each time?
Lost Frequencies: 
I have a mash-up/edit of Bob Marley’s ‘No Woman No Cry’ that everyone can sing along to but with my Lost Frequencies touch so it is familiar but also fresh and new at the same time. Wherever I play in the world, people know Bob Marley’s music because it is so universal. That is something I love!

Exhibit: Thoughts on digital streaming of music.
Lost Frequencies: 
It is a brilliant revelation – artists don’t earn a lot of money through streaming services, the majority of an artist’s income comes through touring now, but streaming opens up music to so many different parts of the world and for (basically) free. Streaming is the future and if that means that more fans hearing my music…that can only be a good thing!

Exhibit: Give us music recommendations and tell us about the artists you’re currently listening to.
Lost Frequencies: 
My girlfriend showed me BANKS and her new album, I went to see her live in a show in Brussels (my hometown), and I have to say it was amazing! It’s not really electronic music, but the vibes are really inspiring!

Exhibit: How do you think has the EDM scene changed over the years and where do you see it heading in the next 5 years?
Lost Frequencies: People think of EDM as just a big-room sound but it can be many things; more pop-py electronic music, more tropical feeling electronic music but I think the sound is going a lot more experimental. Artists aren’t confined to one genre anymore, we have the freedom to experiment and be flexible with what we want to make, that can only be a good thing as no one has only one taste. Artists don’t want to be restricted and fans want choice, so I think the scene will only get wider and more popular in years to come.

Exhibit: What’s next for Lost Frequencies in 2018?
Lost Frequencies: 
My tour with Don Diablo kicks-off soon and runs all the way through February – you can check my social media for those dates – and I’ll also be at Beyond Wonderland in Mexico, Daydream Festival in Barcelona and World Club Dome in Germany over the next few months! We’re also wrapping up the next few releases for Found Frequencies with the Armada team, so you can also keep your eyes on social media for when our next release is dropping! 2018 is going to be so much fun, I hope to return soon, India!


  • Most expensive tech buy: Definitely my Moog keyboard in my studio!
  • Phone you use: iPhone 8 +
  • Car your own and the one you’d like to get: I’m driving a Mazda right now, but the Tesla cars are looking really good I have to say!
  • Name some essentials tech toys in your music studio: Like I said, I love my Moog keyboards; I also have a KORG vocodoer, which is fun to use. I have a NORD piano for the more jazzy/funky sounds, and my UA card so I can use those amazing plug-ins from UA!.



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