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Apple AirPods Max Revealed: With Great Price Come Extraordinary Features


Apple released a record-breaking number of products in 2020, ranging from new iPads, iPhones, home pods to the revolutionary M1 Macbooks and Mac Minis. Already Apple has two outstanding products in its headphones/earphones line up, the entry-level AirPods and its premium version, the AirPods Pro.

But the tech giant finally cornered the entire market segment with its latest ultra-premium AirPods Max headphones, previously dubbed Airpod Studio, for a whopping retail price of Rs. 59,900 in India. The AirPods Max are compatible with all the other Apple devices including but not limited to iPhones, Apple TVs, Macbooks, iPads and even the Apple Watch.

At such a high price tag, what exactly is Apple offering in its latest headphones? Here’s everything you need to know about the Apple AirPods Max.

AirPods Max: Typically Apple

The top of the headphones features a soft-touch canopy which rests comfortably on your user’s head. The earcups are made from memory foam, so they fit perfectly over the ears no matter their shape or size. The combination of these two features makes Apple AirPods Max comfortable to wear for a long time.

You can buy Apple AirPods Max in a total of five new colours, namely, space grey, sky blue, pink, and silver. I think the headphones look uber-cool in sky blue.

What’s new?

Starting off with the most basic one, the AirPods Max, just like the entry-level AirPods and AirPods Pro, supports Apple’s digital voice assistant, Siri. You can activate it by saying “Hey Siri.” Furthermore, spatial audio from AirPods Pro is also available in AirPods Max; this feature, along with Dolby Surround Sound 7.1 allows the listener to enjoy audio coming from different directions.

Apple AirPods Max also features the same H1 chip found in the rest of the AirPods lineup, which allows for seamless pairing of the headphones with the iPhones.

Additionally, the AirPods Max comes with the familiar “crown dial” usually found in the Apple Watch. It allows the user to change the audio while listening.

On top of that, Apple has included 40mm drivers on the AirPods Max to deliver great bass, crisp highs and rich mids to balance out every type of motion occurring on the outside. Consequently, it won’t matter whether you’re working out, jogging, or rock climbing, the audio will adjust will itself automatically based on the movement of the earcups. Therefore, giving you the best audio quality all the time.

AirPods Max also comes with several cool features, for example, you can raise the earcups to talk to someone, and the audio will pause automatically. There’s no need to turn the AirPods Max ON or OFF, as they go into a low power state when you put them in a smart case. Features like noise cancellation and transparency mode are also present on the AirPods Max so that you can enjoy your audio without any external noise interference.

Battery Life And Availability

Apple AirPods Max comes with 20 hours of battery life. Although several competitors on the market can beat the AirPods Max in this regard, 20 hours is pretty good for an average user. You can buy Apple AirPods Max for Rs. 59, 900 online from the Apple Store.

Although steep in price, Apple AirPods Max can easily be called the best-in-class performer. A ton of people, from the average user, to music producers, are going to be using the AirPods Max. It accommodates such a versatile range and hence justifies its price tag.

Assistant Editor at Exhibit Magazine. A tech and auto journalist who likes to reverse engineer anything he can get his hands on. He writes about everything technical under the sun, ranging from smartphones and laptops to micro-controllers in Tesla batteries.

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