Best Free Video Calling Apps

best video calling apps

Confused on which is a free video calling app to pick while Working from Home or in Isolation? Which one has the best features and what are the limitations? Let’s find out.

Facebook Messenger

I’m sure many of your friends must be on Facebook but only a few would be knowing that it also permits video calling. Facebook provides all its services free of charge and so is the video calling feature. You can easily find your friends by using their name or phone numbers and the fun part, you can put effects to pictures or videos and share them instantly with your friends. Its anyone’s’ blind eye game, so go and play.


It is one of the most popular apps on Play store for Video calls. It lets you video call any person from your contact list but they have to have WhatsApp installed on their phones too. You can also make group video calls that allow four participants max at a time. WhatsApp is also one of the best cross-platform video calling apps but currently, it does not support the video call feature on WhatsApp web or the desktop app.


FaceTime is Apple’s built-in video calling app. You can have up to 32 participants in a video call but all these 32 need to have apple devices – iPhone, iPad or MacBook. Facetime lets you record calls if you’re using a Mac. Also, you can use your Animoji, stickers and click live pictures during the call.


Zoom is a currently trending video call app, courtesy WFH meetings with your boss and clients. It is simple and easy to join a meeting on Zoom, all you need is the Meeting ID and password from the host of the meeting. But there’s a catch here, Zoom lets you video call up to 50 participants at a time for max 40 minutes and if you want to extend the time or the add more participants you will have to upgrade to its paid services. An important feature that is attracting many users to Zoom is – Screen Sharing.

Zoom is currently in the news for security threats and hacking that means you have to be careful while using it and always lock your meeting rooms as a precautionary measure. Being the most popular app of current times – it is an easy target for hackers.

Google Hangouts

It is a free video calling app by Google. All you need to have a Gmail account and you are ready to use the services. Due to the current outbreak, Google is offering its business version free of cost till the 30th Sept that includes video calling to a large number of participants (up to 250) and you can also record the meeting and save it on Google Drive.


Skype Is a Microsoft offering. Originally it only allowed Skype-to-Skype calls but due to the current WFH situation it has come up with a new offering – Meet Now which lets you start a video call without having to sign up or download the app. Joining a Meet Now meeting is also as simple as clicking on the meeting invite sent by the host. You can have up to 50 members on a video call at a time. You can also screen share here but it’s not as fluid as Zoom.

Google Duo

Google Duo is another video call offering by the tech giant. It allows a group calling of up to 12 participants. One unique feature of the Duo Is that you can share a quick video message if the person you’re calling is not picking up. But, it only supports Duo-to-Duo calls that means any contact that you want to call through the Duo has to have the Duo app on their smartphones too.


Viber is an instant messaging app very similar to WhatsApp and is gaining popularity globally lately. Again, this only lets you make viber-to-viber calls. It is available cross platforms – Android, iOS and Desktop. Video calling on Viber is not a complicated task, you can simply press on the video icon on your chat screen and start. It lets you group call to 5 people max at a time.


WeChat comes with numerous features that makes it an efficient and powerful app amongst other apps of its category.  It is being widely used China since a long time now. It lets you shop and make payments apart from the usual voice/ video calls and instant messaging. It has unique features like Friend Radar where you can find other WeChat users around you and also lets you share pictures.


If you are looking for a simple video calling app that just gets the job done – it’s IMO. It is available on all platforms however is very popular among smartphone users. It does have a bunch of features like a variety of emojis and stickers to use and multimedia sharing.

BONUS: Houseparty

Houseparty is the most famous social media platform right now. Millennials are flocking to it! It allows 8 people in a chat room at once and has a unique feature of Locking the room where uninvited participants cannot enter the chatroom. Brownie point: It offers 4 game options within the app which are quite fun and you don’t miss out on the game nights you usually had with friends before the Lockdown. Recently there were reports of it being phished and hacked but Houseparty maintains that it is secure.

We will leave this at that for you to take your pick from any of the above.




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