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Clash Of The Titans – YouTube Vs TikTok!

Clash Of The Titans – YouTube Vs TikTok!

What began like a memer’s favourite timepass, is now looking like a microcosm of the larger ugly spat that is still rolling and raging across India. Let’s face the fact, between raw aspiration and entrenched entitlement, the hidden scenario is yet to evolve.

TikTok vs YouTube – this is the new class war on the internet. It is all about content, creativity and clicks over the internet and social media platforms. But this ugly spat we are focusing on, the only question that it boils down to is – who’s the winner at the bottom of the pyramid!

For those who are not yet aware of what’s brewing on the web – it is about a YouTube vs TikTok battle that’s carrying hashtag #CarryMinati and has been trending everywhere from Twitter to Instagram.

CarryMinati is a millennial comic-roast and is the proud owner of some 16 million subscribers on YouTube. And what made him end up pulling down TikTok’s ratings all of a sudden?

The End Game!

There is a video that became viral and was later put down; the video that was named TikTok vs YouTube – The End Game. The video was an open rivalry between the content creators of two of the most popular online platforms.

No prize for guessing that the people that the citizens of YouTube are way different from the inhabitants of TikTok. The two universes are way different from each other. The inhabitants of Google’s own YouTube and those of China’s Byte Dance’s TikTok were on an upfront war for increasing follower count. Additionally, the battle is also to find out the type of people who have the right to rule the video world in the days to come!

Well…that’s a tricky one. Not for all though. I mean, are we really too confused to pick between classy and versatile YouTube videos and TikTok trash? Whatever!

How it all began?

Flashback to a roast of TikTokers by YouTuber Elvish Yadav on his YouTube channel where he compared the young video makers on TikTok with rag pickers (mean or meaningful?), pointing out their intelligence and mocking at the makeup the video makers go for.

Obviously, TikToker had to revert! Two TikTokers named Amir Siddiqui and Revolver Rani called out his offensive and classist comments on TikTok (and Instagram as well).

This response, in return, triggered further commotion over the web and resulted in a carpet video bombing and involving several supporters belonging to both the universes and trying to outdo each other.

And that wasn’t the end of it! The online battle reached its pinnacle when CarryMinati decided to make another roast of TikTokers. Describing how TikTokers look like and act on their videos, he described:

Mithai ki dukaan pe 200 mein bik jaaoge” and “Shakalaka Boom Boom ki pencil ki tarah dikhte ho”!!

TikToker didn’t sit back, they retaliated accusing YouTubers of stealing their content.

Wrong vs Right!

While it remains individual preferences to pick YouTube or TikTok, there should be no virtual dominance, insecurities, and/or demeaning of any community done by either the mass. Sadly enough, YouTubers who roast TikTok content creators often call its videos cringe-worthy. That doesn’t stop it, there were insults hurled at the transgender community, and TikTokers were also referred to as “Shudras of the Internet”! It comes from the social perception that they are mostly lower-class, low-caste individuals in low profile jobs who make videos for ‘time-pass’.

Was it just because the YouTubers had a sense of insecurities that took birth from the fact that TikTok had a steep rise in popularity and fame? And that too, keeping in mind most of the video creators belong to small towns, rural areas, and more importantly not trained for videos.

Or was the reaction justified as classy vs crappy?

While it remains a fact that YouTube videos cover over few thousands of varied subjects to talk on, to know about, and to discuss, TikTok videos are mostly personal views (which often doesn’t make sense much!), music video re-creations, and fun elements. TikTok videos have a particular niche of the audience, which is much limited as compared to the ones interested in YouTube. The latter is widely popular for its intensified content, entertainment videos, and the easy availability, and this fact can never be ignored. Oh well, the tag of Google is inevitable too.

Doesn’t that make TikTok a flash in the pan?

Are YouTubers in the threat?

Are we simply enjoying the clash of the titans?

Comments welcome!

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