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Google Chrome Extension

With the right Google Chrome extensions, you can increase your productivity multiple times and drastically streamline your workflow. All of us use Google Chrome for the majority of our tasks, yet we often forget to make the most use of its huge number of extensions available to us for free.

Fret not because here we have some of the best Google chrome extensions to help you get the most out of your browser in 2021.

Best Google Chrome Extensions

uBlock Origin

Google Chrome Extension

Starting with the most basic and important one, uBlock origin. It is a quintessential Chrome extension that protects you online in multiple ways. It is a lightweight browser extension that blocks ads, website trackers, and malware sites. It doesn’t allow any ad to slip through, making your browsing experience seamless. Also, if you find a website worth supporting; you can enable ads from the uBlock Origin extension via a single click.

Mercury Reader

Google Chrome Extension

This Google Chrome extensions completely transforms your online reading experience. Mercury Reader removes all the clutter like advertising leaving only the text and photos on an online article. It also allows you to change the font size and typography of the online article. You can also switch to a dark or light theme using the Mercury Reader.

Duck Duck Go Privacy Essential

Google Chrome Extension

Everyone knows about the popular open-source web browser DuckDuckGo, but not many are aware that it also has an equally awesome Google Chrome extension as well. The Duck Duck Go Privacy essential blocks trackers, force encryption whenever it is required and assigns a privacy score to each site that you visit. Just by clicking on the extension, you can learn any website’s privacy score and access other settings as well.


Google Chrome Extension

A boon for everyone, the Grammarly Chrome extension is a must-have. However, it is an inherently a premium app that requires a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription fee, depending upon your requirement. You can use the free version of the app for correcting basic grammatical mistakes including incorrect spelling, misplaced commas, improper word usage etc. You can turn Grammarly ON or OFF without disabling it from the extension menu, which makes using it hassle-free.

Netflix categories

Google Chrome Extension

Finding the perfect movie to watch on Netflix can be a difficult task, especially if you just came from work, sore, tired and bored out of your mind. Thankfully, Netflix Categories Chrome extension is here to save the day. This Google Chrome extension does exactly what it sounds like. It allows you to access the hidden Netflix category so you can select exactly the genre of movie that you wish to watch. You can access the list by clicking on the extension and selecting “All categories,” from there select the category you want and subsequently select the movie you want on the webpage and add it to your watchlist. Now you can watch this movie on your phone, TV, tablet or any other supported device.


Google Chrome Extension

Taking full screenshots of a page is still a very crucial feature missing from Google Chrome, thankfully the GoFullPage extension does that job beautifully. In one single click, the GoFullPage auto-scrolls the entire webpage and takes a full screenshot of every possible thing on the screen. It also allows you to edit the screenshot so you can easily cut out the useless part.

The Camelizer

Google Chrome Extension

If you think you’re paying extra for a product on an e-commerce store then checking it on the Camelizer Google Chrome extension can prove to be a good choice. This extension allows you to view the entire price history of a particular product. You can check when it was priced it’s lowest and when the highest. Accordingly, you can set a price watch to remind you every time when that product hits the price that you wish to pay.


Google Chrome Extension

With so many extensions on your Google Chrome browser, you need an easy way to manage them. Enter Extensity; it is another browser extension designed to enable/disable other extensions instantly. You can access all your browser extensions via Extensity and manage them with a single click. It keeps your toolbar clean and also your PC in sync with Chrome Cloud storage support to maintain a backup.


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