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Pandemic Leads To Some Unique Technologies

Touchfree Technology

Touch-free technology – Keep an eye on this!

So, here we go. For the third lockdown! Whoa world, how do you feel? Locked down, huh?

Let us put it one after another. People are dying on a regular, rather increasing pace. The economy is doomed. Normal life is gone for a toss, to say the least. People are looking for a ray of hope, and to get back to normalcy.

It is heartbreaking, scary, and hopelessly devastating to know how a virus has suspended every aspect of businesses, including food, travel, and fintech startups.
And all that we are left with is to figure out if there’s a silver lining at all. Is there any “COVID-19- proof” business? Well, they can actually make some moolah in this season and the one to come next!

Techies out there, cheer up, because we have some good news that awaits post the pandemic is over.

Pandemic leads to some unique technologies: Touch-Free is one of them

How about an ATM machine that needs not to be touched for cash transactions? Or ticket machines, chip and pin terminals and self-service checkouts – all free of “touch”?

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, it is proved yet again. Welcoming one of the lasting legacies of the Covid-19 outbreak – here comes touch-free shopping and payments. As consumers keep themselves away from devices that need to be touched, aka ATM machines, payment machines, elevators, and games to name a few, touch-free technology is going to take a hit in the days post the pandemic.

As per the current study and statistics, it is concluded that around 80% will change the way they engage with publicly-available technology, thanks to the pandemic. In other words, it is a clear indication that much of the sectors like retail, banking, and travel that rely on millions of interactions daily with technologies such as ATMs, ticket machines, chip and pin terminals and self-service checkouts, are going to take a huge turn soon.

People are averse to touching technology in light of the present crisis, and this is just the beginning. There are strong indications that the changed behaviour may become more ingrained in our post-Covid-19 future. And no prize for guessing that people would want to touch things far less than they are required to do now.

Some of the technologies and gadgets that are assured to take up touch-less accessibility:

  • Voice assistances are going to rule further

Well, assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant have already made their presence felt long back. In the coming years, they and more like them are going to be popular for the only fact that the devices they operate on would be far from the need of being touched.

Tech-based companies must start working on this particular technology more effectively with more common and personalized questions being added with answers and the interaction too to be made smoother than ever.

  • Touch-free elevators

You may swear by this ultrasonic data-transmission technology that helps elevators to be controlled by not your fingertips but only by your smartphone. This is nothing but a new touch-less reality with a ready-to-install ultrasonic data-transmission technology that would help elevator buttons, ATM touchpads, intercoms, fingerprint scanners, employee timeclocks and all other surfaces touched by countless hands, to run without being touched.

  • Smart homes to become smarter

The ability to walk into a room and command the lights, fan, and the AC along with the music system to play their respective roles is no more just a scene from a sci-fi movie, but yes, less commonly seen. However, in the coming era, this scenario is going to be more common where technology would be evolving with a big development that would control your in-house systems.

Well, whether it is to ensure that this new touch-less technology is accessible for everyone, or would be an exciting addition to your favourite device or app (unlikely the latter only), the future days are certainly going to be (more) hands-free and less-touchy.

Cheer up folks, the COVID-19 crisis will pass. But at the same time, let’s accept the fact that certain things including several technologies would never be back to normal again. There would be wary of everything that is touched and used by the general public, and we can’t really blame us for the same.

Why not embrace the changes that are coming out the way? Why not welcome the touch-free technology that is guaranteed to bring on some major changes, and for the good? Keep an eye on this space, we are sure there are more to unfold on the said tech.

Good luck, and stay safe.
Shreya Bhattacharya
Loves to read, write, sleep, repeat! A die-hard tech-lover with a soft corner for latest gadgets, and good photography. If not writing, found clicking sunsets, and selfies (not necessarily in the same order). Mostly found in her cozy study corner with random books, coffee, and floor cushions!

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