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10 Apps that will make your WORK-FROM-HOME Life Easier

10 Apps that will make your WORK-FROM-HOME Life Easier

The current COVID-19 outbreak has left us no choice but to Work-From-Home for our own safety. But, the Work-From-Home life does have its own fair share of challenges – the invasion of your personal and family life, less motivation and productivity, hindrance in communication with colleagues and the list goes on. Some might have gotten used to it as it’s over a month of WFH situation now while others who are still lost in this exercise, we have got you a list of 10 Apps that will simplify your Work From Home days.

1. Zoom

zoom App

Communication is key to success at WFH. Call your colleagues and manager on video for queries rather than sending emails. Your team and manager need to know you are available and taking WFH seriously. Have at least one video conference with the whole team for updates and discussions on the ongoing projects.

2. G-Suite Apps

Gsuite Apps

These apps are literally a life saviour in time of WFH. You can edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets in real-time with the entire team and track changes made. These are then saved in a shared drive which is easily accessible to all team members at all times.  You can also create group calendars and group chats of up to 150 participants to keep the whole team on the same page. 

3. ToDoist


It is good to always plan your work before the day starts. Creating a To-Do list helps you organize your work and monitor productivity. ToDoist is the best To-Do list app that works on all platforms. You can add and schedule tasks, set reminders, turn important emails into tasks, and set priority levels. It makes sure you are working on the right things at the right time.

4. Toggl


You often end up taking (read wasting) too much time on one task while working from home probably because you’re too comfortable in that homely environment. Toggl is a simple and powerful time tracking app that allows you to track your activities, provides detailed insights and manages your workflow. It is available across platforms so you can sync data between phone, desktop and web. 

5. Noisli


Focussing on work becomes a difficult task especially at home when family or kids are around. Noisli offers high-quality background sounds that can help you cancel external noise and enable you to focus for longer periods of time. These sounds are great for beating silence and creating an environment that fuels creativity and reduces stress.

6. Calendar


This App synchronizes all your Google, Apple, and Outlook calendars into one Super calendar. You can view all of your events/meetings in a list or timeline view. You can also easily create new events that sync with your other linked calendars. It is designed to help you save time and be more productive while spending less effort in organizing and synchronizing your life.

7. RescueTime


Let me check that one Instagram notification turns into one hour of mindless scrolling. RescueTime blocks distracting websites and apps when you need it the most. You can customize your block list and whitelist certain sites and take control over your focus. RescueTime can also put your phone into DND mode so that you’re super focused. 

8. Zapier


Zapier is an automation tool that helps you save time on repetitive tasks. Zapier lets you create ‘zaps,’ which automate tasks for you by connecting your web apps and moving information between them – For e.g. you receive a new email in Gmail, it will automatically copy the attachment from your Gmail to DropBox saving you a lot of time and effort. 

9. Spark


Spark lets you take control of your Inbox. It synchronises all your emails and intelligently prioritizes your email, bubbles important messages from real people to the top. It reduces the noise by only notifying you about emails from people that you know. You can also collaborate with your teammates, discuss emails privately, use email templates and delegate emails to team members or assistants.

10.  7 Minute Workout – Fitness App


Even when you’re working from home make sure you get off that chair to stay fit. 7 Minute Workout app allows you to do a quick 7-minute workout anytime, anywhere. Videos show you the proper technique to perform each exercise, and the app supports Google Fit track. The app can help you lose weight, tone your muscles, and flatten and strengthen your abs.

These apps will surely help you keep sane and increase your productivity levels. Do let us know if you’re already using any of these and how has it helped you in the comments section below. 

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